Tuesday, February 28, 2012

REVIEW: Nyx Candy Glitter Liner

I got these a few days ago in the mail & tested them out. I ordered the colors Disco Queen and Jade from all the colors they have. I got Disco Queen to wear over a black liquid liner & Jade to wear over a tealish/green liquid liner! I normally am not one for glitter liner - but I figured these would look good as a winged eyeliner.

These are really lovely! I was kind of scared of the odd applicator - but it works fine for just going over a darker color liner. I really like these - they last long! Don't use too many layers over and over again because it will take FOREVER to dry! But just one line of this stuff normally has enough glitter in it. I recommend these!

Here's a few pictures of Disco Queen being worn over a black liquid liner:

I tried to get kinda up close pictures - hope you can tell I am wearing it in these photos.
I want to try a few other colors of these and want to try a few different ways to wear them.
What do you guys think? :D

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mac Viva Glam Nicki Minaj Lipstick Swatches / Compared to Chatterbox!

My boyfriend picked me up this lipstick because he knew I was wanting it. I personally don't really care for Nicki Minaj - but I do enjoy this lipstick :) I normally don't get limited edition items because I don't like the fact that I may fall in love with an item & then by the time that I use it up - I will no longer be able to purchase it anymore :( But this Viva Glam Limited Edition lasts for almost a year I believe. This lipstick costs $14.50 & all the $$ goes to HIV/AIDS. I don't know why I'm explaining this like all of you don't already know? Oh well! :D 

 Sorry for the sloppy application :/

I've heard that this lipstick was like Chatterbox - and Chatterbox was my first ever Mac lipstick! I really like it - it's a beautiful color - but it's a bit darker than I personally like. I love bright lipsticks! So when I picked up the Nicki lipstick - in the tube - it does kind of look like Chatterbox. But once you pair them together, you can tell a difference. The Viva Glam Nicki has more yellow undertones to it and is brighter. I personally like the Nicki one better for my skin tone. I do like Chatterbox though. I'll most likely wear Chatterbox in the summertime when I have a nice little tan going on. Just looks funny since I'm rather pale at the moment :P

You can tell a difference in my opinion. So Chatterbox isn't a dupe for it :( However, I am on the look out for a dupe for this lovely lipstick!

I like this lipstick a lot - but I wouldn't wear it everyday like my other lighter pinks. This shade is pretty on me (at least my boyfriend and I think so) - but I think it would be amazing for people with darker skin!

I hope this helped a little. Maybe? :D
Have a good day/night sugar pops!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

FOTD & Wet N Wild Crazy!

The past couple of weeks I have been collecting a few Wet N Wild products! It all started with the Color Icon palette (Lust) I got on sale for $2.50 at CVS. I wasn't sure if I was going to like these or not because I wasn't crazy about the past holiday glitter eye collection ones they came out with. But I tried this one out & I LOVED it! So I went to my local Rite Aid and they had the other Color Icon (Pride & Greed) palettes on sale for only $1.24! This week when I got paid I got one of their newer trio palettes (Silent Treatment) and I love it oh so much as well. I also picked up one of their lipsticks (Just Peachy) because I've never tried them - and I just so happen to be in love with it as well! So today I went and picked up 2 more lipsticks (Think Pink & Mauve Outta Here) and a Mega Glo illuminating powder (Catwalk Pink).

 I wore my Wet n Wild Trio in Silent Treatment on my eyes today & my 'Think Pink' (#901B) on my lips! I also wore the 2 lighter shades on the Mega Glo illuminating powder in Catwalk Pink. I got a lot of compliments on my makeup today! 

At work, I was taking this lady's order and she said,
"Your makeup looks really good today!"
And I replied,
"THANK YOU!!!!!"
Basically screaming it at her because I was so happy/shocked that she noticed and said something about it haha. I like compliments :D I don't get them that often from strangers, so when I do - I get excited :P

Up close at some of the products + swatches:
 Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio -$2.99
(the last color looks silver but it's more of a taupe color)
Lipsticks - Think Pink, Just Peachy, Mauve Outta Here - $1.99

Pictures really don't do justice on these. I really really love these products! The eyeshadows are really pigmented! And the lipsticks are super pigmented as well and they last such a long time! These are matte lipsticks however - so you do have to exfoliate your lips before applying or else it will look like a hot mess.

As many times as I've seen these in Wal-Mart or Rite Aid - they have never appealed to me for some reason. But I'm really glad I decided to try them. They're amazing!

Oh, off topic once again -- but I also got this Rimmel London palette for 75% off!
I've been wanting this palette for a while now because this exact palette was in one of my Nylon Magazines a couple of months ago - and they had this quad on sale! So I got it for $1.42!

What Wet N Wild products have you tried that you like?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mac Snob Lipstick Dupe!

I recently purchased Mac's Snob lipstick since they didn't have any of the Creme Cup lipsticks in stock. Once I got into the car, I looked in my purse at my Revlon Primrose lipstick to compare it to Mac's Snob. They are almost identical!

As you can see - the Mac Snob lipstick (bottom swatch) is a bit more pigmented than the Revlon one. Of course, look at the price comparison - $6 vs $15! Revlon's is a Creme finish & Mac's is a Satin finish. The Revlon Primrose lipstick works good as an everyday lipstick. I use it a ton. The color lasts pretty decent - Mac's Snob does last longer though. They are almost the same color! If you're wanting around the same color as Snob but don't want to pay or re-purchase a $15 lipstick - Revlon's Primrose is a good dupe! :) I personally love & use both of these.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Would you like a spot of tea?

I've always liked tea cups. I have also always wanted to have a nice floral china tea set - all matching. But now, I want mix & matched tea cups, pots, and saucers! Here lately, I have been so obsessed with collecting random assortments of tea sets - tea cups, saucers, sugar bowls, etc. I still have yet to find my perfect floral tea pot :( 

I went to Salvation Army the other day and picked up these:
This past week - one of the gifts I got my boyfriend for Valentine's Day was 'The Rum Diaries' on Blu Ray. And in that movie - they had these same blue cups (well, except they were the green ones in the movie) in the film! And I pointed them out to my boyfriend and stated that they were awesome cups. Then 2 days later at a thrift store - I find them. Is that not weird? I got them for $3.99 for 4.

I also got these super adorable Texas Ware Melmac mint green tea cups! I have been longing for a set of these bad boys. I got a set of 5 for only $1.99!!

Plus, I got a few vintage books to read. I've also been reading a lot more lately. Butttttt, that's not what this blog post is about! I tend to get off topic a lot :/ Sorry!

Anywayyy, my mother and I went digging in one of the barns in our backyard today and I found yet some more tea cups! :)
The blue set my mom got a long time ago. She said she got them for the cabin she never had. The metal yellow set was my nanny's. So I gladly accepted both of them. Plus we already have a shit load of Mason Jars - but we found a ton more.

I have also been trying different types of tea. I already know I like green tea. But I got this sampler pack of fruit tea to test out.
Yeah, I tried that Country Peach Passion - it tastes like ass. However, the Raspberry & Black Cherry are very much delicious! I haven't tried the other 2 flavors yet.

I am quite uncertain as to why I want to try all these different weird teas. Perhaps because I don't like coffee and they're so many different types of coffee that people love? I don't know. I'm a rather odd one :P

^^ I also don't know why I typed that small paragraph so proper? Hmm, maybe my love for reading books is helping me with my writing ;)

Do any of you know any other teas I could test out? What's good and what's not?! I've also tried Chai - but I don't really care for it. It's weird. It's not gross or nasty - just odd. Not my cup of tea. Hehe ;) fhsdkfhsjfflfhjsaskl I'm lame, I am aware of this.

Oh, random. But here's a picture of my somewhat lighter hair:
Dark blonde/Light Brown/Slightly Orange? 
To be honest, It's not that different. It's just very light up top. Didn't really do much to my ends lol.
I don't know what I'll do next - maybe go blonder? Maybe not. Who knows!

Until next time sugar plums!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drugstore Haul + Lighter Hair!

Pay day was yesterday, so I wanted to get a few things since I had some extra hours this week. I have been wanting to dye my hair back blonde - but decided I should start out slow so I dyed it a sandy dark blonde/light brown color. I can tell a difference - but it's not a dramatic one :/ I like it though.
 I'll post a finished picture sometime later. It's too dark now and you can't really tell in the dark.

Since I was going back lighter, I thought I should splurge on a few hair products to keep my hair feeling nice & soft so I got the Bed Head Dumb Blonde conditioner/hair mask. It was $17! So I hope it works well. I also love love LOVE the Nexxus shampoo that I already have - so I got this Nexxus Leave-In Conditioning Spray for $9. I can't wait to use it!

I also got ANOTHER Color Tattoo Eyeshadow. They only had the white color called Too Cool left! Everywhere I have went has been sold out of all of these. I also got another Revlon Lip Butter ! I got the Raspberry Pie shade which appears to be a dark plumy pink color - but when applied it's a sheer darker hot fuchsia color that is wearable. 

^ I got all of those products from Wal-Mart.

Next, I went to Sally Beauty and I got this uhhh-mazinggggg nail polish that was on sale! It's a China Glaze nail polish called Blonde Bombshell - which was from their Eye Candy Collection. I got it on sale for $1.99! I used this color on my nails today and I am in love! It's soooo pretty. It's got different sizes of glitter and I didn't even have to use another nail polish underneath!
I also got a little Sally Girl nail polish for $.99 in the color In Love. It's kind of a dupe of the Essie Luxeffect Nail Polish in A Cut Above (I think that's the name of it).

Lastly, I went to Rite Aid where they had a TON of Wet N Wild products on sale! I got 2 of the discontinued Color Icon palettes in Greed and Pride. I love these so much and just discovered them last week! :( I wish they weren't discontinued. I got the Lust one earlier this past week and I love it oh so much. If your local drugstore still has these you should definitely check them out! If they don't have them - I know you will probably still be able to check them out on EBay.
I also got 2 Wet N Wild nail polishes that were on sale for only $.49! I got the colors Private Viewing (A beige with pink undertones) & Bite The Bullet (A dark lavender).
And I also got a Jesse's Girl pigment in the color Secret Weapon which is super pretty! It's a really unique color - it's a sheer white but has metallic mint green/teal shades in it when it hits certain lights. It's a duo-chrome eyeshadow. It's hard to explain the color - but it's really pretty. I got it to wear over the Too Cool Color Tattoo.

And since Valentine's Day was 2 days, of course everything was on sale. So I got a tub of V-day candy corn for like $1.25, a small box of chocolates for $.50, and some Disney Princess ring pops for $.50 :) Om Nom Nom :D

I also got some herbal fruit tea to test out. I've never tried them and wanted to - so I got the sampler pack of the fruity teas.

Sorry I didn't take individual pictures of each of the products. I was being lazy. But some of them I may do individual reviews on or may be in my monthly favorites :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Depot Your Lipsticks - Making a Lipstick Palette

I am starting on the lip section of my professional makeup kit and figured I'd share how I do so with you all :) 

Here's all the items you'll need:
Empty Palette
Tin Pans
Spatula (optional)

 Firstly, you're going to need to take the sticker labels and make a label of each lipstick and place them on the bottom of the pans. I personally put the brand, name, and the finish of the lipstick.

Next, open the lipstick and twist it up about half way. Then take the knife and just chop of the first hunk of lipstick into one of the tin pans.

You'll need to chop the piece of lipstick in your tin pan up in multiple different chunks. Then flatten out the chunks with your spatula or knife.

Then you have your cute little artsy lip palette! :)

I have a rather small one because I can't carry too many big palettes in my kit - I already have 4 big ones - so I am just going to have 2 small lip palettes to fit. They have many different types of magnetic palettes. The most popular is the Z Palette - which I have 2 of - but I recently found these palettes for cheaper. You can get the palette as well as the tin pans on EBay. My pans are 26mm - the size of a Mac eyeshadow.

* Be sure to get tin pans because they are already magnetized! If you get aluminum you will have to get magnet stickers to place on the bottom of each pan.

Extra tips on getting a perfect looking palette: 
  • You can make these perfect looking by baking them in the oven on low heat for a couple of minutes. However, doing this may slightly change the actual color of the product.
  • You could also leave them sitting out in front of a window in the sun to melt them nicely.

I personally didn't do either of those because I like the artsy look of my messy palette :) Hope this helps anyone who is starting a kit or just wanting to save some space in their makeup bag!

Monday, February 13, 2012

HUGE Mac Haul!

Happy Valentine's Day to meee! :D My boyfriend gave me $200 for Valentine's Day - so I figured I'd get a few Mac products.
I spent I think $178 - and just gave the rest of the money I had left back to him because I felt bad from the start that he had given me that much $$! 

I made a list of items I wanted and handed it to the Mac sales lady but they didn't have some of the items I wanted :(
 I picked up Creme D'Nude, Snob, and Ravishing lipsticks.
I orginally wanted Creme Cup over Snob - but they were out of stock :(
I also wanted Russian Red but they didn't have that either.

 Stripdown & Spice Lip Liners & Florabundance lipglass.
I loooove this lipglass!

And 4 eyeshadows - Knight Divine, Twinks, Beauty Marked, and Cranberry. The second picture is an up close of Beauty Marked because it's soooo glittery. This is one of the eyeshadows I have been wanting to begin with!
I originally wanted Dazzlelight instead of Knight Divine, but they were out of stock of that one :(

I also got the 217 blending brush - and I love it as well! 

And that's all! Doesn't really seem like a HUGE haul - but it was - considering I spent almost $200!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Orange you glad it's almost Spring?!

Okay, totally gay headline - but that's all I could think of :)

I have been wanting to purchase an orange blush and orange lipstick for awhile now. I think they'll look really nice for spring. At the time of picking out these products, I was at Wal-Mart - so I got only drugstore items. I picked out the Hardy Candy Fox in a Box in Skinny Dipping and Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti.

( Don't mind my ugly chapped lips - I just woke up! )

First I'll start off with the Lip Butter.
I've heard a whole ton about these! So I figured I would try them. Normally I go for my usual baby pinks or nudes - but I am not afraid to wear those colors and I knew that these lip butters would be kind of sheer. So I went for a more bold color - orange :) I'm kinda scared to wear a bright bold orange or purple lip - so I decided I'd try the orange first. And let me tell you, if you are kind of scared such as I then you will LOVE this product! It's a more wearable version of a bright orange. It's sheer - yet pigmented. So if you're wanting to come out of your shell but not yet to go all the way bright and bold - the darker shades of the lip butters are for you! :) I also plan on getting the Raspberry Pie one which is a darker bright purple.

Second, Fox in a Box.
I wanted a nice orange blush. This is the only blush I could find that was truly orange at Wal-Mart at the time. I haven't tried this on my face yet, but I swatched it and I love the color payoff of it. It's very nice and  I can't wait to wear it! And I just wanted to point this out - I've seen a few reviews on this product - and they say the darker side is a bronzer but it's not really? I guess it could be considered a very light bronzer for very pale skin? Haha, but it's more of a beige-peach color.

I don't really like doing swatches of blush because it's kind of hard to. They are not going to be as pigmented as lip or eyeshadow swatches because blush is just for a 'flush' of color.

Have you tried any good TRUE orange products that you like?