Monday, November 19, 2012

Platinum Blonde and Ombre Turquoise Hair

I dyed my hair about.. hmm 5-6 weeks ago? And I forgot to post pictures on here. I couldn't decide whether to dye my hair bright red (Ariel style) or very blonde with turquoise. Obviously (hence the title) I went with the blonde and blue. I got the stuff to do it myself and my friend DeOnna did it for me. I just thought I'd share with you what I used for my hair.

I got the following from Sallys:
Loreal Quick Blue Bleach (I got the HUGE tub of it)
Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Developer 
and Beyond the Zone Turquoise dye (I forgot the name of it)

I really like the blonde in it -- but the turquoise I used didn't work the way I had planned. I wanted a bright turquoise color & it turned that uggie green color :P It still didn't look terrible -- I liked it -- just wasn't as bright and crazy as I wanted. It looked like I had went swimming in chlorinated water and only got half of my head wet :P lol

I tried to dye it turquoise a second time maybe 5 days later and it didn't really do anything. So I wouldn't recommend the Beyond The Zone brand if you want a bright color.

 Now the green has faded and it's just like a light brighter blonde on top & a sandy blonde on the bottom. I like it. I'm not sure if I want to leave it alone or if I want to do ombre bright red hair?! :D I kind of want to do the bottoms red. Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know yet.

Oh I also wanted to share -- my hair isn't fried!! I was scared to bleach my hair because everyone complains that it fries their hair & blah blah blah. But my hair isn't dry to the touch or anything! Maybe because I don't use heat on my hair at all? I don't dry my hair & I couldn't tell you the last time I straightened it or curled it. I've also been using some great products! Maybe I'll share those in another post if interested.

Anywayyy - just thought I would share my somewhat new hair & what I used to get it the way it is! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Elf Essential Blush Swatches/Review in Glow & Coy

I've had these blushes since maybe -- June? I've been meaning to do a review/swatch post of them and just keep forgetting about it :(

Anyway - these are the new Elf Essential Blushes for $2 - not $1. They use to have these in a different compact (a shitty compact) for $1 and it didn't include a brush. They still have the same colors - I'm not too sure if they have updated the formula at all or not. I picked up the colors Coy & Glow.

I personally like these blushes. Sure, they are a bit 'chalky' but it's a blush for $2 -- what do you expect? They are actually really pigmented. Glow is such a pretty shimmery peach color and Oh my gawdddd - Coy is an AMAZING color! It's like a shimmery nude-taupe color? I can't really even describe what color it is - pictures cannot even do this color justice. It's a lovely and unique color. I'm not sure about the lasting power because the times I've worn these I haven't paid attention to see if they lasted all day or not. So I can't really say about that - but for $2 - I would say give these a shot!