Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has/had a Happy Halloween! I just did a drastic eye look for Halloween & filled in my eyebrows black. I wore my Lime Crime Cosmopop light orange lipstick to match my eyeballs ;)
My Kratos Bean & me!
So exciting - I know :P lol I didn't really do much - just went to church with family since my Joshy Poo has to work tonight :( My friend Raven saw my Sugar Skull pictures & wanted me to paint her face like that for Halloween -- so I did her makeup too :
 Welllllp, that's all for now. Happy Halloween loves!

Friday, October 28, 2011

New Thirtyonewest Eyeshadows - EOTD?

I've made 5 new eyeshadows to my Thirtyonewest collection! Wooo! I have added, Antoinette (very very hot pink), People Eater (Purple - duh! It's a smokey purple), Pudding Cup (dark glittery brown), I'm Your Present (a true mint green), and Odd Liquorice (dark greyish black).

Before work, I figured I'd try out a look using a couple of my new eyeshadows.
I used ' I'm Your Present ' & ' Odd Liquorice '.

I really like these two colors mixed together. Before applying these - I used my Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden - and it's currently 11:00 at night (I put this on at 4:00) - & it looks like I just applied it!
I just labeled this EOTD (eyes of the day) becauseeee quite frankly I do not feel like going into details on what I did for the rest of my face, because I don't really remember lol. I use different products on my face each day.

I have the I'm Your Present eyeshadow currently listed on my Etsy site - but all the others are currently not. I'm suppose to have my Big Cartel site up sometime this weekend - so I'll just be listing all my cosmetic products on there!

Do you think this is a nice look? I kinda wanted to mix these together this weekend too because it's Halloweeny - sort of :P 

By the way, if you want to purchase any of the eyeshadows I mentioned in this entry & they still aren't listed yet -- just comment below & I can list some for you :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lime Crime Coquette Lipstick Dupe / Review

I received my new Lime Crime Lipstick in the mail about 2 days ago, and this is what the color was suppose to look like:

However, when I got it - it's not the pale pinkish nude that I thought it'd be like on their website. It's more of a beige nude - like a tan-ish nude. It's still a nice color - and I like it -- but I already have a lipstick like that :(

In fact, the color I already have like Lime Crime's Coquette is Revlon's Colorburst Soft Nude Lipstick.
Almost the same exact color! Sorry, I've used my Revlon Soft Nude quite a bit :P

Of course, Coquette is more pigmented than Soft Nude - but it should be - it's about $10 than the Revlon Soft Nude! If you've read my other review on my other Lime Crime Lipsticks, I really like those - but this one had a bit of a different texture - it doesn't go on as smoothly as the others I have (Cosmopop & Great Pink Planet). However, Revlon's Soft Nude - it goes on easier. But of course, you have to use more of the Soft Nude product to get as much pigmentation as Coquette.

Coquette looks really nice with about 2 layers on & a nice tanish/nude lipgloss to go over it. I do like Coquette, but I just thought it'd be a pinky-nude more so than a beige-nude.
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude (#070) = About $6
Lime Crime Lipstick in Coquette = $16

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elf Haul

I just got all my Elf stuff in the mail today! Woohoo! I just want to show you the things I purchased today - and in a week or so, I'll do a review of all of these products.

I got:
Beauty School Eyelid Primer Collection - $2.25
Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Porcelain - $3
Studio Eyebrow Kit in Light - $3
Studio Body Shimmer in Mystic Moonlight - $3
Studio Body Shimmer in Golden Glow - $3
Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Apricot Beige - $1
All Over Cover Stick in Spotlight - $1
All Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige - $1
Studio Powder Brush - $3
& I used a 50% off coupon - soooo, including shipping - my total was $19.70

I already have the Eyebrow Kit & the All Over Color Stick in different colors . I used the 'honey' All Over Color Stick in the summertime as my concealer -- and it worked great! So I got a lighter one for the winter time to see if I liked it as well. I'm sure I will - it's the same product - just a different color.
& I have not tried pencils, or any other eyebrow marker before - only shadows & gel. And the first gel I tried was the Elf Eyebrow Kit in 'Ash'. I looooove it! It's just a little light for my brows - so this time I ordered the 'Light' one - and hopefully it'll be my color.

Blahblahblah, like I said - I'll test out all of these & do a review soon enough! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

REVIEW: Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit

I honestly can't find anything else to write about except all the beauty stuff i've gotten recently? Oh well! Helps out people who are looking for good products ;)

I've had this Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit for about 3 weeks now - and I love it! This is a golden bronzer. I use this to contour my cheeks & face with in the winter time - and in the summertime I'll just wear it all over my face for a sun kissed look.

When I contour my cheeks, I add a harsh line right below my cheekbone & blend it out with my fingers. Then I apply whatever blush I may be wearing right above that. After doing that, I go back with my Gold Deposit & do a 'C' shape around my under eye & top outside of my eyebrow. Then I apply Gold Deposit at my hairline. Doing this makes your skin look really pretty & really defines! I've gotten a lot of compliments when wearing this! 
* Sorry if that doesn't really sound clear.. baha. My horrible descriptions again. If anyone wants a tutorial on how to do that, I can show you if you're interested!

You can also use this as a pretty gold/bronzy eyeshadow. It's rather lovely.

I paid $28 for this from Mac - which is a lot to me - but I really like it. I love trying out new bronzers because I wear them all the time, and this is my first high-end bronzer - and it works great. I will definitely repurchase this again & again & again!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

CCO Mini Haul!

Today I went antique shopping with my mom, her friend, and sister. I have heard that there was a Cosmetics Company Store around where the antique shop was - so I looked it up & we went there as well!
Me being broke, I only got 2 things & my total was $28.62.

For people who don't know - CCO sells high-end brand name makeup / skincare for less. It also has some limited edition products that the actual store may not have anymore!

I got:

Mac Venomous Villains Carbon Eyeshadow - $11
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in ivory - $15.50

As most of you may know, the Mac Venomous Villains was a limited edition thingy they had going on.. and they still have some of the collection! They also had the Hello Kitty Mac Palette and some of the Wonder Woman collection - and some of the collection with the shell on the eyeshadows & powders? I'm not sure what that collections called. Oh wells! 

Carbon is still available at Mac - just not the Venomous Villains one (same color - just different packaging). It's a matte black color :) I'm not too sure how much these cost when they sold them at Mac - but I looked them up on EBay & they were going anywhere from $17-25!

Moving on - I also got the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Ivory - which they do still sell at Bobbi Brown. I paid $15.50 for mine & in the actual Bobbi Brown store they are $22. So I got a little bit of a discount :)

I can't wait to try this! Hopefully they work good.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm really 5, not 21.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Target and I was in need of some new shampoo. I don't really like to splurge on shampoos just because I don't want to spend my whole paycheck on hair products! So I was looking, and i've already tried all the other brands - and I stumbled upon this wonderfullllll kids shampoo! It's the Suave 3-n-1 Shampoo, Body Wash, and Conditioner! I got the Wacky Melon kind & it smells just like Hubba Bubba bubblegum! I got it mainly because it was less than $3, and it smelt good of course!
( Why am I using all of these exclamation points?! )

 I've been using it for the past couple of weeks, and my hair is extremely soft?! -- From a kids shampoo! I'm not sure if it was just the shampoo, because if you've read my previous blog entries - I've also been using the Palmer's Protein Pack Mask as well - but that's only every or every other week. 

But my hair feels really soft & smells delicious - my boyfriend even compliments on how my hair smells. Plus you can also use this as a body wash?! Woohoo! Less money spending for meeee! This bottle is HUGE too - it's 22.5 fl oz! It also has a fun fact on the back - 
"A lizard uses its tongue to smell by sticking it in the air to catch different scents, and then pulling it back into it's mouth!"
Yay for fun facts! .. I like them at least. I like reading them when I bathe. Bahaha, I'm a loser, I know.
I want to get all of the kids products now & try them!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am just going crazy with all these Halloween looks! I can't help myself. I'll probably end up heading to Party City after Halloween to get all the Halloween makeup for 50-75% off! :) Anywayyy - I wanted to do a Sugar Skull because I love them & think they are neat! However, I didn't do all the artwork on my face like the normal sugar skulls have because it would look horrible if I would have. So I just made a simple, yet pretty one.

Here is what you'll need:

Brushes - Foundation brush, Eyeliner Brushes, Blush Brush, and an Eye Crease (or shadow) Brush
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
Halloween Cream Makeup in White & Black ($.97 at Wal-Mart)
Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in Antique Green
my own Thirtyonewest Eyeshadow in Octopus Ink
Lime Crime Lipstick in Great Pink Planet
1.) Apply the White Cream Makeup all over your face with your Foundation Brush. You at least have to do two layers of this - maybe even three.

2.) Draw an outline with your eyeliner brush of the eye sockets around your eyes (including your eyebrows) with the Black Cream Makeup and then fill them in.
* You may want to start out drawing the sockets at the eyebrows - it's easier that way.
 Ahh, my face looks so fat here! Bahaha.

3.) Next, we're going to draw our nose! Using your eyeliner brush & Black Cream Makeup - draw half circles on each side of the front of your nose (does that even make sense?!). It's okay if it isn't even or is sloppy. Mine was very sloppy & uneven. Just dab some white on your finger and go over the uneven black marks.

4.) Color in your nose!
5.) I did my lips next. Some may want to wait and do this at the end -- but I wanted to do them now because I didn't want to have horrific looking ashy white lips for the rest of my pictures :)
Using your Lime Crime lipstick in Great Pink Planet - apply it to your lips (duh). Add a few coats to make it very vibrant so it'll stand out (& last longer).
Next, with your eyeliner brush, draw lines going out of the corners of your lips. After doing that - add little lines vertically through the horizontal line. Do this to your lips as well.
6.) We're going to contour our cheeks with black eyeshadow! I used the black eyeshadow out of my collection (Thirtyonewest) called Octopus Ink. Take your Blush Brush & start out at your ear and go down like 1-1.5 inch. Blend this well.
7.) Next, take the other end of your eyeliner brush & dab it into your White Cream Makeup like this:

& go around inside the corners of the black sockets you made.
8.) Do the same thing with the outer part of the sockets with the Black Cream Makeup.
9.) Now, using your Eye Crease Brush (or Eyeshadow brush) use the Jesse's Girl Eye Dust and pat (Yes, PAT - no blending or rubbing!) the green dust all over the inner corner of your eyelid.
After doing that, last thing you'll need to do is use your Nyx Black Bean Eye Pencil & apply it as eyeliner at your waterline.

Finished! :)

You like?! 
I chose the antique green eye dust for the eyeshadow because - they're sockets. So there not suppose to be all bright and pretty. I just wanted to add a darker shadow on the inner corner to make it a bit prettier & glittery.

That's all for today. Adios fellerzzz!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Want a good hair conditioning mask?

I've got the answer! And it's...
 Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula - Deep Conditioning Protein Pack !

A little background history on my hair:
I use to have extremely long hair - and only used a quarter size amount of conditioner when washing. A few months ago I decided to chop off all my hair - and now I use no conditioner. I feel like it makes my hair greasy. So I just shampoo. 

After washing my hair with shampoo, I applied this mask. I left this on my hair for about 3 minutes (it says 10-20 minutes on the back - but I don't even take baths for that long!) and washed it out. It made my hair feel extremely soft - especially since I don't condition my hair regularly. My hair feels this soft for about a couple of days after using as well! This does leave your hair smelling like coconuts, obviously. I don't really care for the smell of coconut scented things, so I don't really care for that too much - but if you like coconuts - you'll love it!

My hair has been feeling really soft lately - and I'm not sure if it's just from this conditioning mask or from the new shampoo I got as well? Hm! I guess I'll have to experiment.

On the front of the packaging it says 'Restores and replenishes dry, damaged hair'.
 This contains Pure Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, and Vitamin E.

I purchased this at Target for $1.24 (they may have it cheaper at Wal-mart - I'm not sure). I thought this item was a one time use thing - so when I first used it - I used a TON of it at once. So I got a total of 3 uses of this product - when I could have really gotten 4 uses out of it. You're suppose to use this every week or every other week - not daily. 

I haven't really tried any high-end masks - just because when I have extra money to spend - I don't really sit and think 'Hm, I'd really like to spend $25 on this hair mask'. Lol. So I normally just get cheap shampoo, body wash, and masks from Wal-mart and Target. But for only $1.24 - this product works great.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

REVIEW: Thirtyonewest Eyeshadows & Blushes

I have added a whole ton of new stuff to my cosmetics line since the last post I did about my Thirtyonewest cosmetics. I have a total of 19 eyeshadows now & 5 blushes (soon to be 7 - I've just been lazy and haven't uploaded the other 2 yet!).  I wanted to show you a few photos of some of my new eyeshadows & blushes - as well as a few ways on how to wear them!

First up - I have a mini Fall collection - which includes: Naked Study, Cranberry Sauce, and Pumpkin Spice!
Here are the swatches of those colors:
^ Naked Study ^
 ^ Pumpkin Spice ^
 ^ Cranberry Sauce ^

I really really love these colors - and i'm not just saying that because I made them lol. When I wear these, I will wear Naked Study in the inner corner of my eyelid & either Pumpkin Spice or Cranberry Sauce on the outer edge of my eye! You could actually wear all three at the same time - like Naked Study in the tear duct part of the eye (inner corner <- my definition), Pumpkin Spice in the middle of the eyelid, and Cranberry Sauce on the outer corner of the eye.

These colors look great for fall, and will go with a lot. I actually wore my Cranberry Sauce when I was picking up a few things from Mac Cosmetics - and the makeup artist there complimented my eyeshadow! I wanted to be like, 'Oh, thanks. I made it myself!' - but I didn't want to sound cocky or conceded. :P haha. So I just said thanks :)

Another color I really like to mix - or I should say - wear with Cranberry Sauce is Two of Hearts. Two of Hearts is a bright pinkish red color. It's a really unique color - and I love it! I like to wear this color on my cheeks as well - and yes, I did a blush of this as well! The only difference between the blush & the eyeshadow is that the blush has 3 more ingredients in it than the eyeshadow. I added Kaolin Clay, Silica, & Kosher Rice Powder to the blushes.

Here's Two of Hearts :

I also have 2 more eyeshadows that I have converted to blushes as well which are: Babydoll & Queen Bee.

Queen Bee is a pastel peachy orange color. I normally do not wear peachy/orange coral colored blushes - but I do wear this one! I love the color of this one - it reminds me of creamsicles.

Babydoll is one of my new  favorite blushes! It's of course - a babydoll pink color. It's very shimmery as well - so it can be worn as a highlight too! I wear this one mostly everyday that I do wear blush. My friend purchased one of these from me, and she loved it ! Here's what she said:
 Yayyy!! I marked out her last name for privacy reasons :)

She also purchased the Birthday Suit blush:
 This is a very nude shimmery blush. This can also be worn as a finishing powder if you have a beige colored skin tone. I know this because my friend (the one in the text above) is the one who wears it like that. She told me she wears it as a finish & wears Babydoll on her cheeks.

I have a ton of more products that I need to review that are new - but I just do not have time to do it all! :(
So I will just be posting pictures of all the others - and if you'd like me to review them in the future - please let me know & I will gladly do so! :) I will probably end up doing tutorials with these shadows as well in the future anyway.

This really has nothing to do with reviewing my products - but I am currently working on moving my cosmetics to my own Big Cartel site :D I just feel like it will do better if I move them away from my vintage/handmade items because I feel like my Etsy is cluttered with randomness and I hate it. So I'm currently getting someone to design me a banner for my new site & what not, and hopefully here shortly, I will have my own site for my cosmetics :)

Here are some other new eyeshadows I've created:
 ^ Hocus Pocus ^

 ^ Silver Lining ^

& my other blushes :
 ^ Bubblegum Thief ^
^ Pink Dust ^
* Pink Dust is more of a highlighter than a blush. It's very shimmery/glittery & has a pinky coral tint to it. 

I hope you enjoy all of these new products! :) I haven't listed all of my blushes in my shop yet - so if you're interested in a product that I do not have listed, just shoot me an e-mail or comment below & let me know! :)