Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fun Pictures Using Thirtyonewest Pigments

I was bored today and wanted to do some new pictures with a few pigments just messing around & here's what I came up with:

I thought they looked kinda cool :P I may do some more just for fun.
Okay that's it - just bored and wanted to share my awesome creativity & photography skills ;) bahah.

Elf Disney Villians Maleficent Palette - with Swatches!

I just did a review for the Cruella palette -- so here's my review for this one!
In case you haven't read the other post about the Cruella palette -- these are $9.99 and are ONLY available at select Wal-greens.

This one includes:
8 eyeshadows
1 eyelid primer
1 liquid eyeliner
2 lip & cheek pencils


I have yet to test this palette out. I haven't really went anywhere to be putting on makeup lately :P The 'day' eyeshadows I have found from swatching aren't as pigmented as the 'night' eyeshadows. This palette comes with a clear glitter liner instead of the black liner like the other palette. I really like this liner! I think it will look great and you can use it in so many different ways.

I said I was going to purchase the other one - but I don't think I am. Not that I don't like these palettes - because I do -- I just know I won't wear them a lot so I know they'll go to waste :/ I have too much makeup and should probably limit myself and not buy the other one just for shits & giggles lol.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Elf Disney Villians Cruella Palette - w/ SWATCHES!

If you read my blog - you already know I'm a huge Elf fanatic. So when I found out about this I was excited! I was kinda iffy about the price -- being $9.99 (don't act like I'm cheap! You know Elf is inexpensive! :P). The reason being is because it's really hit or miss with their eyeshadows. Some Elf eyeshadows are great while others suck and don't have any pigmentation. But I picked up 2 of these to test out.

 First off -- I'll start by saying that these are ONLY available at select Walgreens. You can check out Elf's website and do a store locator on this item to see if any of your local Walgreens carry it. They don't even sell this item on Elf's website. These cost $9.99 each.

This one includes:
8 eyeshadows
eyelid primer
2 lip & cheek color pencils
1 liquid eyeliner
1 pair false lashes & lash glue

This also includes a little day & night tutorial on how to use these palettes like most Elf Beauty Books do! The one thing that is different about this Elf Beauty Book is that they actual named their eyeshadows in these palettes :)

My overview of this palette thus far:
I haven't done a look on myself using these yet - because I just picked them up yesterday! But I did a look on my mom using the night time Cruella look and the eyeshadows are quite pigmented and blended out well on her eyelids. I've tried the Elf eye primer before  - it's $1 from their essential line - it actually works good. The liquid liner is also from their essential line & is $1. It works well for the price - I personally find that the tip of the eyeliner brush is too thin for my liking - but it works nice. The lip colors are actually pretty nice! I have yet to use them on my cheeks however. I'm not sure how well these would blend out as blush? Kinda weird - but maybe it works!

I recommend this palette. This is a neutral everyday look palette. I think it's a nice kit and the eyeshadows in this palette actually have nice pigmentation.

I also picked up the Maleficent kit - and tomorrow once I get paid I'm going to get the Evil Queen one. I unfortunately didn't have enough cash with me to get all 3 at the same time :( That's why I'm reviewing them separately. So be sure to check back tomorrow for a review on the other one! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FOTD w/ Thirtyonewest Pigments & Pink Hair

This is kinda old - but I really like the way it came out so I'll share my 2-3 week old FOTD anyway ;)

I wanted to do my face just using my Thirtyonewest pigments so I can show customers how you can use them & what not.

The colors I used on my eyes:
Wedding Lace, Naked Study, Odd Liquorice, & Octopus Ink.

 I used Wedding Lace as the inner corner & brow bone highlight. Naked Study on the eyelid. Odd Liquorice on the outer corner & in the crease. Octopus Ink in the outer corner to darken the Odd Liquorice.

Colors on my face:
Antoinette - Blush & Lips!
(mixed Antoinette with a clear lipgloss for the lips)
Wedding Lace - Highlight.

 & Of course I felt prettier with my pink wig on ;)  I need to invest in some new colors of wigs. I like the pink but it's getting a little old :P 

I hope you guys enjoyed this FOTD look - be sure to check out our shop:
to get your pigments for only $6.00!
And let me know if you have any other requests of me using Thirtyonewest pigments!

Monday, October 1, 2012

September Favorites 2012 ! ♥

It's been a while since I've done a favorites so I figured I'd share mine with you from this month! I have quite a few :P

Okay starting from left to right...

1.) Elf Flawless Finish Foundation:
I am in loveee with this! I never really ever wear foundation - except for if I have a date with my Joshua♥ or going to work at Ulta and I wanna look nice - other than that - that's it. No foundation for me! But I got this just to try because you know I am an Elf junkie so I got it for 50% off and I LOVE it! It really is a flawless finish. I can't see any imperfections when wearing this. I'd say this is a medium to full coverage foundation. I would talk about this all day - but unfortunately I can't - got other stuff to ramble about :)

2.) Ioni Cosmetics Lipgloss in Cappuccino:
Most people have never heard of Ioni cosmetics. I didn't until my friend told me about it. I purchased this from a local Fred's (if you don't have Fred's near you then I don't know where you can find this) for $1! Everything in their line is not over $2. Kinda like Elf. Anyway - this lipgloss is super super pigmented! I love the nudish-brown color of it. 

3.) Maybelline Great Lash Mascara -- Curved & Lots of Lashes:
I got both of these from Ulta when they were having a sale on these - $1.99 & buy 2 get 1 free! I gave the third to my Mother. Anyway, I mainly just got it because it was cheap so why not. But I actually like this mascara. As long as this mascara has been around - I have yet to try it. So I got the curved one for my top lashes & the lots of lashes for my bottom lashes. I love these mascaras & they make my eyelashes look longer and thicker.

4.) Nyx HD Photogenic Concealer:
I've heard good things about this & I'm always looking for a concealer better than the one that I currently own. So I picked this up for $5.49. This concealer is good. I like it -- but I do have to reapply it in some places once It's dry to cover up all my dark circles. I think it's worth picking up - it works good & I do like it -- It's just not my favorite concealer I've ever tried. I have to set this with the Elf Booster.

5.) Essence Kajal Pencil in White:
I picked this up for $.99 because I needed a white eyeliner and I don't like spending tons of money on eyeliners. I got this from Ulta. I love it! It works very well & you can' beat the price for only $.99!

6.) Hard Candy Eye Def in Pool Boy:
I tried to find reviews on this product before purchasing - but I couldn't find any good ones. So I decided to try this out. This was $6 at Wal-Mart. This stuff is really pigmented. It's a cream glitter eyeshadow -- but I have not used it as an eyeshadow so I cannot say that it doesn't crease, etc, etc. I use this as an eyeliner under my waterline to make my eyes pop. I take an eyeliner brush and get some of the product on it & line under my waterline. This color is amazingly pigmented & I love it. Since using this I have purchased 2 more of these in different colors!

7.) Mario Badescu Drying Lotion:
I don't really have acne -- but I have these little bumps at the sides of my face (kinda where my temples are) from sweating and I can't ever seem to get rid of them. So I picked this up from Ulta for $17.99 -- yeah, I know :( -- but this stuff is awesome! I have found that it does dry up those little bumps to where I can scratch them off & reduces them  dramatically. I also use  this product if I happen to have a random pimple coming on so It can dry the pimple up.

8.) Stippling Brush by Real Techniques:
If you don't already know -- Real Techniques is a brush line designed by Samantha Chapman who is a Youtuber known as Pixiwoo. Amazing videos! Anyway -- I needed a new stippling brush for my kit because I'm not a huge fan of the Elf one that I currently owned. I picked this up at Ulta for $9.99 and I love it! It really buffs the foundation into your skin making it appear more natural. You will end up using more foundation using this brush due to it blending in so much -- but it's worth it. Awesome product.

9.) Essence Gel Liner:
I got this from Ulta for $3.99. I got the black one because my Elf cream liner was drying up. This is a really creamy and smooth gel liner. It works really good and from other reviews I've read that's it's a lot like Mac's Blacktrack! 

10.) Elf Booster in Corrective Yellow:
I love this! I use this to set my undereye concealer. The yellow corrective color helps hide dark circles. This makes my concealer last all day without creasing. I got this from eyeslipsface.com for $5.00.

11.) Elf Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky & Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral:
I did a review of these blushes in a previous post - and this one is my favorite of all the colors. I have recently been using this to set my Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral. These two together look great for a light peachy/coral cheek!


I recently ordered these from eyeslipsface.com. When I saw these -- I had to have them. I believe blush is my favorite makeup item - I have wayyy too many! :( But I used a 50% off coupon code so I could purchase every color of these to swatch & review for you guys! :)

These are available on: eyeslipsface.com & they are $3.00 each.

Here's the description on Elf's website:
"Rich and creamy HD Blush naturally sculpts and highlights the cheekbones for a soft-focus effect that is great for everyday use. The Vitamin E enriched formula conditions and hydrates the skin for a healthy, radiant glow. Velvety soft, lightweight and highly pigmented color creates a long-lasting result for all day wear."

First off I'll start out by saying that these are VERY VERY pigmented. You need just a teeny tiny drop of this product - and that goes a long way. The bottles are actually smaller than I thought they'd be -- but it's still a lot of product for only $3.00 and since a little does go along way - it'll last you a long time. As you can tell in some of the pictures -- some of the blushes are more 'watered' down than others. Some people who have done previous reviews on this product complained about this - but I find it to be a good thing. It makes it easier to blend out and into the skin. I also have found that these stain a bit. But once again -- a good thing if you're wanting a lasting blush.

I personally love these blushes and find that they are a great price at $3.00 -- even though I got mine for $1.50 :P I totally recommend these blushes. I also can't wait to use the darkest one Showstopper during winter :D It'll look pretty against my very pale skin blended out well I think ;)