Thursday, July 31, 2014

NYX Sex Bomb Palette Review/Look

Long time, no post. As always. But I purchased this palette.. i'd say 2 months ago.. and I absolutely love it! I mainly wanted it for the bright red eyeshadow because I don't really have a red eyeshadow. But I ended up loving this palette as a whole & all the colors in it.. which is very rare when it comes to palettes.. for me, atleast. 

I purchased this at Ulta for $7.49. Pretty decent price.. NYX products are affordable anyway.

(sorry my up close pictures are shitty.. camera phone)

All the colors are super creamy and not powdery/chalky at all. The only one I didn't really care for just from looking at the palette is the shimmery sand colored one. I don't like ugly shimmery eyeshadows. H8. Fo' lyfe.  Kidding. But the way I wore it in the pictures.. I used all the colors in the palette.. even the ugly shimmery one. I blended the ugly shimmer on top of the matte light taupe color in  the crease and let me tell you.. those colors look AMAZING together. Really, they do. I fell in love with the ugly shimmer. These colors blend very well together. I find that some drugstore eyeshadow palettes are hard to blend the colors together without either losing pigmentation .. or just looking horrendous as a whole. But this palette blended all together = BAM. 

My overall opinion of this palette.. is great. I honestly have nothing negative to say about it. It's one of my favorite beauty purchases this year, thus far. Soooo... go get cha one ;).