Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alice Madness Returns Review & the Art Book!

I got this game around the end of April.. I know I'm a bit behind -- my boyfriend just bought me a PS3 so I have to catch up on all of these awesome games I've missed out on. But my mom got this for a birthday gift for me from Wal-Mart for $29.96.

This game looks great. The graphics are awesomeeee! I don't know if their really that great compared to other PS3 games or not -- I'm just use to Wii graphics :P Haha which are pretty terrible most of the time compared to this. But I really like the way the atmosphere of the game looks. In the game, Wonderland has been systematically taken over by some evil force. And she soon realizes that in reality -- it isn't much better. She goes through Wonderland picking up random memories to try and balance her mind so she can see what has happened to her & her family in reality. There are a lot of puzzles in the game - which aren't very hard -- some can just be frustrating at times -- but they're rather easy. They are mainly towering platforms which you have to complete to get to the next part of the level. The camera angles are okay in this game. I don't find them to be terrible -- but sometimes they can be annoying. You can target onto enemies when shooting them or slicing them - whichever you are doing - and this can be frustrating at times. In the later parts of the game -- you have to defeat a ton of enemies at once and it will lock onto the complete opposite enemy that you want it to. Throughout the game, you collect teeth & you use those to upgrade your weapons. There are certain parts of the game where you have to shrink down and fit into the little keyholes which you find mostly the memories in that Alice collects. The one thing I wish they would have done with this game was to add an auto save onto it. Because this game only saves when you reach certain spots in the game -- when you see the little silver pocket watch -- it's saving.

^^ I just completely put a bunch of random information and crammed it into one paragraph :P Haha oh well!

But this game to me is awesome. I beat a whole chapter in one day -- which is ridiculous for me! Because I normally get frustrated with games and don't finish them that fast. I am currently on Chapter 3. I recommend this game -- especially since it's only $30 now! :)

Oh! I also picked up the art book for this game! I got mine on EBay brand new for like $25! It's really cool and it shows certain things they were going to add in the game but ending up not going along with it.

Hope you enjoyed this scrambled review ;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wet N Wild Spring 2012 Lipsticks!

I've had these for a month or two now, and just now getting around to reviewing them. If you've read my previous blog entries - you know I already LOOOOVE these lipsticks. I think they are great -- plus they're only $1.99 each?! 

These are super bright & lovely! The Pinkerbell reminds me a lot of the Mac Nicki Minaj lipstick. Cherry Pickin is more of a bright darker fuchsia color more so than the color of a cherry. I really really like 24 Carrot Gold. It's such a bright color! I like to wear this with my Revlon Tutti Frutti lip butter over it for more moisture. Dollhouse Pink reminds me a lot of Lime Crime's Great Pink Planet.

I found these at my local Rite Aid -- but I know they also sell them at Walgreens & I believe CVS. 
I'm not sure if these are just limited edition or a part of their permanent line. But I recommend these :)