Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yard Sale Haul!

I had to work this morning at 10, so I woke up extra early to hit some yard sales before work! I'm a crazy person, I know. Anywayyyy, I found a ton of stuff that i'm keeping for myself!

These are the purses I got this weekend -- the last black one pictured is ALL MINE! :) The rest i'm re-selling. I got my black purse for $.50! It's really cute and unique. The stripe one I got because it's brand name. It's a Fossil bag:

Here's all the clothing I got for myself ;)
  I wasn't sure if I liked the last floral tank top that's pictured here - it's Hollister, but it looks like something I would have got in high school :/ lol But I went ahead and picked it out because I didn't wanna regret it later! All of these tops were only $1 each! The striped top is Hollister as well.
 I got these -- the tank is American Eagle & was $1 and the striped top is Gap and was $.50!
 And I got these dressy tops - all $.50 each! The 2nd, 3rd, & 4th tops are all from Target! The first dark blue top is my favorite!!! It's from Banana Republic & here's a detailed picture of the top:
 So pretty! I can't wait to wear this with my white Guess shorts I got last weekend at a yard sale! :)
 I also got myself some shorts! These were $1 each. I don't really like the pockets on the khaki ones, but I really need khaki shorts - so they're fine till I find some more! 
& I got these pants! The top pair has pinstripes & are dress pants. I thought I may could use them for something. Second pair, super cute Levi skinny jeans! $1 each!

Also I found a few pieces of jewelry:
  Sorry this is a pretty horrible picture. I just didn't feel like taking nice pictures of the jewelry with pretty back drops. Lazy me. I'm re-selling the necklace & cameo pin! I haven't decided if i'm going to keep the star earrings or not.
Up close.
The floral cameo pin is signed & I looked it up on EBay and there's one exactly like it except it's light blue & it's going for $34.95! :) 

I also found some cute blazers to resell:
 The navy striped one is from Aeropostale & the green line one is vintage! :) I'll be reselling these on my Etsy & EBay accounts - so let me know if you're interested! 
^^ Up close of the green blazer.
That's all for today.
Oh! I'm going to the beach July 3rd - 10th! My Joshua is coming with me & I cannot wait! It'll be our first little vacation together & I believe it will be a blast. I wanna go to some thrift stores while I'm there & Joshua wants to go visit some haunted places.

But, that's all I got for now! Maybe I'll throw some cute outfits together with my new yard sale finds for a future blog.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

FOTD & Nails?

Hmm, I was pretty bored today - I've been playing Zelda and I'm at Dodongo's Cavern right up to where I have to beat the boss, and i'm kind of scared of losing - so I decided to take a break from that & do my makeup and nails! Woot woot! Imma loser :(

^ Finished picture of my face!

What I used today:

Elf High Definition Powder - $6
Smashbox Fusion Body Bronzing Powder in Desert Chic - ? (Got mine off EBay for $14)
Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance - $1
Elf All Over Cover Stick in Honey - $1
Elf Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy - $1

I love all of these items! I don't wear liquid or powder foundation - I just never have. I don't really have acne to hide or anything! So I just always wear bronzer year round. I just recently got this Smashbox bronzer - I just saw it on EBay & it's HUGEEEE! So I figured it would last me for a bit! I also just started using the healthy glow bronzer stuff by Elf. This isn't really a bronzer at all. I use it on top of my bronzer to make it glow and shimmery :) I use the all over color stick as my concealer for under my eyes because I have bad dark circles under my eyes. & The Elf blush is okay - I like it - for $1 :) Haha. I normally use the Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer kit for my blush though.

Eyebrows: Elf Eyebrow Kit in Ash - $3 // Elf Eyebrow Stencil Kit - $1
Elf Eyelid Primer - $1
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow in Glow Nude - $1.75 (org. $7 - I got mine on sale)
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow in Too Too Pink - $1.75 (org. $7 - I got mine on sale)
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Bronzer  in Lotta Bronze - $3.50 (org. $7)
Elf Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy - $1
Elf Cream Eyeliner in Black - $3
Covergirl Perfect Point Plush Eyeliner - ? (I got this a longgg time ago - maybe $6-7)
Maybelline Falsies Mascara in Black Drama - ? (probably $6-8 I can't remember)

Wooooo, that's a lotta' eye stuff! lol  At the top part of my eyelid, I used the Glow Nude - and for my actual eyelid I used the Too Too Pink. I used the Natural Radiance Blusher as an eyeshadow here as well as the Beauty Rush Bronzer! I didn't really like the bronzer for what it actually is - but it's a good eyeshadow :) Same with the Blusher. I added the Shy Blush in the corner of my eye & the bronzer in the opposite corner (outer eye) -- I don't really know all of the correct terms for places on eyelids - okay?! lol So don't hate.
I used the cream liner on my top lids - I just started in the middle ( I don't really like starting at the corner of my eye). And for the bottom liner I used the Perfect Point Plus Liner. And last but not least, I used the Falsies Mascara for my top and bottom lashes. This mascara is rather clumpy - but I like clumpy. :)

NYC Lipstick in Chiffon - $.93
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Lemongrass - $1.75 (org. $7)

I actually found this lipstick last night at Walmart! I have the Cafe Nude color already, but hey, it's only $.93 -- might as well get more huh? :) It's like a metallic light barbie pink color and I like to add lipgloss on some of my lipsticks to make it shiner. So I added the Beauty Rush lipgloss. I'm not sure if the color is called Lemongrass though? Haha, that's all it says on the label, so that's what i'm going with! 

But here are some of the finished pictures:
 That's a mole on my forehead, not a pimple - Just FYI ;)
 Dirty bathroom mirrorrrrrr!

I know, I have a rather long chin. You don't gotta tell me. It's better than no chin though :)

I also did my nails today with these colors:
 Wet n Wild Wild Shine in - Blazed - $.93
L.A. Colors Art Deco in - Black - $1
Petites in - Figi - $1.98
 They turned out uglier than I expected. :(

 But it's not that bad - right?

Okay, pretty bad - but okay :) I'm content with my nails looking like this for a week or so! 

But that's all I got for today. Hopefully I can go beat the boss in Dodongo's Cavern now !

Monday, June 20, 2011

Zeldaaaaaa! (& a little of Joshua)

Sunday, Joshua got me the new Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3Ds! I loved this game for Nintendo 64 so I had to have the new one! This game is GREAT! It's just like the old one, nothing has really changed, except it looks about 10x cooler in 3D!
 My cute little Zelda cover for my 3DS Joshua got me :) He surprised me with it. Of course, me being my crafty self, I had to bedazzle it with rhinestones.
Right here is where I am currently at. Where I just learned the Sun Song at the Graveyard. I haven't had too much time to play at the moment, but I plan on playing a lot soon ;)

Also today, Joshua and I tried cleaning up the vintage room (where we keep all our vintage items for our shop). Right now, that room is a wreck! So we're trying to re-organize everything and keep things in order so it's not cluttered. If you could see that room, you'd think you were on an episode of Hoarders!
While cleaning, I found a ton of vintage guy clothing that I have been looking for - so I got Joshua to model for me :)
As you can see, he just loves modeling for me.

 Yay for vintage, oversize kitty sweaters!
& I gave him a smooch on his arm with my red lip tint ;)

Oh! I also added a ton of vintage jewelry in my shop today!
^ So go buy stuff!

We are also having a huge sale to get rid of a ton of our stuff! We need to clear our old inventory to get new stuff. So we're having a $5, $7, & $10 sale! Go check it out ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thrifted / Yard Sale Outfit

This weekend - well every weekend - I go to yard sales on Saturday! You can always find great and unique stuff at every yard sale. That's why I feel the need to go every flippin' Saturday I guess! But anywayyyy, here's a couple of the items mixed with some of my thrifted finds :
 Super cute outfit or what?
 Okay - firstly, I got these white Guess shorts this weekend at a yard sale - they were only $1. They had a tiny dirt spot on the front, but I bleached them and got it out. Second, I got the woven belt at Goodwill for $1.  Last but not least, I got these super cute Etienne Aigner tassel loafers at Goodwill for $4.50!
 I got this wood bracelet at a yard sale this weekend too! I added one of my 'thirtyonewest' jewelry tags on it :) - why? I don't know - I just wanted to. But this bracelet was $1.
 And lastly, I got this sweater at a yard sale this weekend as well - for only $.50! I like the rolled up sleeves with shorts. As you can see, that's my feather necklace I got this past week at Body Central for only $3.90.

So, a rather cheap and cute outfit?
Let's see how much it cost:
$1 shorts
$1 belt
$1 bracelet
$4.50 shoes
$.50 sweater
$3.90 necklace
= $11.90 !!
and this is one of my rather expensive yard sale / thrift outfits! Trust me, I'm like the queen of cheapness - no shit. I'm probably the cheapest person EVER! Every time I actually go to a store in the mall, I head straight back to the sale section - and it has to be at least 75% off! Hahaha, I know - that's pretty bad. If there is something that catches my eye on the way back to the sale section, and I have no doubt in my mind that I love it - then I'll spend retail price on an item - otherwise, no thanks!

But it's weird, I'm not that cheap when I buy other people's gifts? Like for birthdays, Christmas, whatever gifts, I always get expensive or name brand stuff. I like buying nice gifts for others - just not myself. I'm a weird-o. The End.

Oh, I also got this really cute vintage jewelry box - but i'm going to be reselling it because I already have 3 jewelry boxes :P

It's really cute and in great condition - just has some tarnish in the front, but that's nothing cleaner won't fix!  I told you I was like an old lady in a 21 year old's body.  :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Photo shoot!

My friend Courtney and I decided at the last minute Friday night to do another photo shoot for my vintage shop before she went to work Saturday. Here's what I got (well, a few of what I got):

Cute? Well, that's all - my boyfriend's finally home from work & ima bout to STARVE!