Sunday, July 7, 2013

DUPLE ALERT! Mac Beauty Marked Dupe

Hello again lovies! Sorry long time no talk. To be honest I haven't been into makeup/beauty items lately so that's why I have not posted in a while. But I have recently done a swatch comparison for you all!

Mac's Beauty Marked compared against Ulta's After Hours ES.

They are very similar in color. Mac's Beauty Marked is just a tad darker(blacker) than Ulta's After Hours. Personally I like Ulta's After Hours swatch better than Beauty Marked.
Mac's Beauty Marked = $15
Ulta's After Hours = $6

Also the Ulta brand eyeshadows are $2 each this month! So you can pick up this shade as well as others for super cheap! 
Sorry for not posting more for you guys. I am hopefully going to post more often. Just let me know what you guys are interested in seeing/reading about! :)