Saturday, March 17, 2012

Elf Spring 2012 Nail Polish Collection

I picked up this set of 4 Elf Nail Polishes at Target for $5! These are Elf's new spring nail polishes that I think will be part of their permanent line. You can also order these nail polishes separately at for $2 each.
 Colors include: Coral Dream, Party Peach, Smokin' Hot, & Flirty Fuchsia

I took pictures of each of the colors on my finger nails/toe nails so you could get a good idea of what they look like on.
 ^ Coral Dream
 ^ Smokin' Hot
^ Party Peach & Flirty Fuchsia 

I have 2 coats on of the polishes in each picture. I think these are actually pretty good nail polishes. They are more pigmented than I thought they would be! I've heard some bad things about Elf nail polishes - these are the first ones I've ever purchased and I am pleased with them and would try out more colors.

I also tried a new glitter LA Colors Art Deco pen I got at the dollar store for $1 on top of these:

 It looks kind of crappy -- haha -- but I kind of like it :P
I suck at doing nail related things.

Overall, my personal favorite color is : Coral Dream

But I hope this helped show the colors off a bit better & hoped that you enjoyed ;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FOTD! & Somewhat of An Eyeshadow Tutorial? :)

Well, really - EOTD (eyes of the day)! This Elf Brightening Quad is one that I got from my recent Elf order and it's called Nymph Dreams. These quads are from their $1 Essential Line -- and they're quite pigmented for only $1. I personally love these palettes. If you're looking for cheap eyeshadows to start out doing makeup or just want to play around with colors to see what colors looks good on you - these are the palettes to get.

I have the colors numbered on the right side to show you how I wore this palette in the picture above :D

1. I used on my eyelid & brow bone
3. I put in the corner of my inner eye & blended outward.
4. I put in my crease & just a little above the crease as well.
2. I put over the #4 color and blended with it.

In the picture of myself with my eye closed -- it looks like the #3 isn't blended in well -- but it is? Haha, I'm not sure why it looks like that in the picture - but oh well! :)
 I also used some of my new Elf  lip products in the picture! I used one of my new Matte Lip Colors in the color Natural & one of my Glossy Glosses in the color Sweet Salmon.

Here's a little cluster of some of the other products I used for my face but I'm not going into detail on those. Just mainly wanted to focus on my eyes & lips in this post :)

That's all! Hope you all have a lovely day :D

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Haulage

Sorry for my lack of posting blogs.. I've been quite the busy bee. I have been working a lot more than I normally do, and only have 1-2 days off every week, plus - I have been slacking on my school work :( I still have yet to submit my second unit and it's been over a month! I feel so overwhelmed right now. I need to do my school work but on my days off I just feel like being lazy :( 
However, today was one of my days off - and I decided to go through my room and get rid of some stuff & sell it on EBay! :) Woowoo Success!! .. Somewhat :/ lol

Anyway, I placed yet another Elf order the other week and it finally came in on Friday - and here's what I got:
 I had a coupon for 50% off the Studio Line -- so most of this was 50% off.

Here are some of the newer Elf products they have! They have added quite a few new little items to their Essentials ($1) Line - however, they are not $1 - they're $2. I picked up one of their new cover everything concealers & glitter eyeshadows. They also had a new Kohl liner from their Studio Line that I picked up as well as the High Def Undereye Setting Powder & Mineral Powder Brush!

I got all of the Studio Glossy Glosses to try out - and almost all of the Matte Lip Colors & a few of the Glitter Glosses. At my local Target - they also had a collection of their new nail polishes that I picked up for $5 & their limited edition $3 palettes that I picked up as well!

And I also ordered this from EBay this past week & it came in on Friday as well. This is the Kryolan Ultra Base in Mint. I got this to cover up acne to cancel out the redness in clients. Yep, I finally purchased something for my makeup kit! First time in awhile..

I also found all my Nintendo DS games this weekend! I have them all in a little travel case thingy and couldn't find it for like months - then I searched in a few of my purses I'd previously used and sure enough - they were in a purse I carried about 6 months ago! So I've been getting into playing my Nintendo Ds again -- well, 3DS. And I now want to build onto my DS collection - because I don't have too many games for it :/ 

So this weekend I picked up De Blob 2 on sale for $5 at Target! I wasn't sure if I'd like this game or not, but it was only $5. But surprisingly, I do like this game. It's actually really fun - just rather easy. Kind of reminds me of the way a Kirby or Mario game would play.

I also picked up this Gameboy color - which doesn't work :( I found that out after purchasing it at a yard sale for $2. It cuts on - but it like freaks out and the screen goes out sometimes. Oh well, still a nice piece to my collection.

I also went to GameStop & found this Zelda Four Swords Adventure game for GameCube! This game is in the org. case & has the manual with it for only $14.99! This made my day when I found it. I have never played this game before - not even on the GBA - so I had to pick it up since I love Zelda oh so much! :D

But that's about it lately. Just buying things I don't really need and such. Being a procrastinator & not doing homework. Yep. I should probably start reading my new textbook and finish it tomorrow before work. Let me know if you want me to do a review on any of the products I have listed in this review! 
Hope you all have a wonderful week :D

Friday, March 2, 2012

February Favorites!

I didn't have too many favorites this month - and a couple of the ones that I do have are rather odd.
Let's get started! :D

Wet N Wild Products Galore!
Okay, this month I've been totally in love with Wet N Wild for some reason?! I've already done swatches and a FOTD with the eyeshadows and lipsticks - you can see it here:
I have also been using this Mega Glo as a highlighter! It's really pretty :D Plus only $3.99!
I really really love the Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks! They're only $1.99 and work & last great! My favorite drugstore lipsticks by far.

Mac Matte Bronze Bronzer
I got this at the end of the year for my kit - and I've actually been using it quite a lot for myself :P
I really like to use this for contouring because it doesn't have any glitter or shimmer what-so-ever. Just completely matte. LOVE this! But it's rather pricey at $23 :/

Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner
I purchased this like last May/June? and I STILL have this same tube! It hasn't dried out or anything. I love this liquid liner. Works great & doesn't flake! << hehe, that kinda rhymed :P
Elf Wet Gloss Eyebrow & Mascara Gel?
I can't remember the exact name of the product - but it's from their essential $1 line. I use this to keep my eyebrow hairs in place since I have some pretty crazy eyebrows. I don't use it for mascara though - not quite sure why you would? But whatever! :)

China Glaze Nail Polish in Blonde Bombshell
I know, I don't have a picture of it individually on this post -- but here's what it looks like:
It's really pretty & just straight up glitter. You don't even have to wear a nail polish under it!
The only thing I hate is that it takes FOREVER to get off your freaking nails.

& Lastly...

These awesome dental floss stick thingys! 
I got these from the Dollar Tree for $1 so it's not a certain brand I prefer or anything. I am just very lazy when it comes to flossing my teeth - which I know is kinda gross - but I am. So now that I have been carrying these little handy tools in my purse this past month - I've been flossing like everyday! So much more convenient for me :P Haha

And as one of my previous entries states ( -- I am into drinking cups of tea ;)
I really like these fruity ones. The Wild Berry & Raspberry ones are my favorite! Yummy!

That's all for me this month! :)