Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hard Candy Birthday Suit Palette - Review/Swatches

I only purchased this about 3 days ago at Walmart and have only done one look with this palette. So I suppose this is kind of a first impressions review type post. This palette is $6.00 at Walmart -- I think they have 4 other palettes with different finishes in this collection. I only picked up one to test it out.

The one I picked up is a neutral - completely matte - palette. The colors look gorgeous just from looking at the pictures. The packaging is awesome.. Shit, just the packaging is worth $6.00! It comes with 2 double ended applicators for application.. But of course I don't use those. I forgot to picture them :/ oops. Anyway here are the pictures:

These shadows are kind of chalky. However, when I did the one look I did with this palette, I had no fall out. These shadows are very blend-able, but if you blend them out too much - the color will fade. So you have to build up the color if you blend. I wish I would have taken a picture of my look, but I was in a hurry and forgot :/ so I'll have to post a separate post with different looks with this palette. For the price this palette is.. It isn't horrible. I've only tried it once so I have yet to use all the colors, but one color I did use was the navy blue color that isn't greatly pigmented and it showed up on my eyes. I did have to add more of the color after I blended, but it stayed and didn't fade throughout the day. I actually really liked the look I came up with using this palette.  So if you'd like to try out this palette, I'd say pick it up since it's cheap. I think I'm going to purchase a shimmery one & see how it is compared to this one as well. So.. To be continued.. Possibly. Unless I get lazy & don't post for another 3 months :P. Joking.. Sort of ;)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette - Review & Different Looks

I was finally able to get the Urban Decay Electric palette about 2-3 weeks ago. When I purchased it, I didn't realize that it was a 'pressed pigment' palette. Since I make pigments, I know some of the ingredients are not always eye friendly. Sure enough, 4 out of the 10 colors aren't approved for eye use. However, I've used those 4 on my eyes and also slept with the color on (i'm lazy & don't always wash my face like I should before bed sometimes - don't judge).. and my eyes have yet to fall out and I can still see just fine. I love this palette! I always tell people if you're going to spend money on expensive eyeshadow, get some type of Urban Decay palette. Their shadows are super pigmented and long lasting. I've tried different looks with all the colors in the palette. I've just forgotten to take a picture of some of the looks -- but here are a few:

^ In those pictures I used 'Freak' all over the lid & used 'Fringe' as the transition color in the crease & 'Gonzo' directly in the crease. Don't hate too much on the liner job I did. I was in a hurry and it sucked that day. K, thanks.

 In this one I used 2 of the colors that weren't eye approved on the lid -- 'Savage' in the crease & 'Slowburn' on the lid. I mixed 'Freak' and 'Thrash' together to apply under the waterline.

& the last look I used the other 2 colors that aren't eye approved - 'Jilted' in the crease & 'Urban' in the outer & inner corner of the lid. Lastly, I put 'Revolt' in the center of the lid. 'Revolt' is a seriously pigmented metallic silver. I was very impressed with this one.
Oh, I almost forgot! I used 'Jilted' as a blush as well -- I accidentally put a little too much on :P haha it was more pigmented than I thought.

Hope this was helpful and somewhat enjoyable.