Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Thrifted Outfits!

Some of these I orginally got to re-sell in my shop, and some I am going to keep! Here we go:
 This is a superrrr cute outfit! I got this entire outfit at Goodwill! This dress is really a nightie, but looks cute as an oversized dress with an awesome weave belt! I found this uhh-mazing scarf as well! 
Dress:  $.50
Belt: $.75
Scarf: $.30!
Total cost of outfit: $1.55 -- wow!
 These pants are mine - but I love them & wear them all the time! I got them from Target on sale for $4.98! There jeggings - and I am in love with them & never wear actual pants anymore :P Anyway, I got this red blazer at Goodwill - I am going to be re-selling this one because I already have one I got from a yard sale awhile ago. I also got this great rose printed blouse! I am most likely going to be keeping this one for myself. I love it! It's so tacky - which I loooove! :) 
Jeans: $4.98
Blazer: $1.19
Top: $.75
Total cost of outfit: 6.92!
 Here's a close up picture of the blouse.
 Same jeggings & belt! This sweater is actually a guy sweater from Express! My friend and I traded it (it was her boyfriends). And it's kind of slouchy, yet fitted? If that even makes sense! But I got this scarf at Goodwill - it's signed. The brand is Symphony - which I am not too familiar with. Oh wells.
Sweater: Free?
Pants: $4.98
Scarf: $.30
Belt: $.75
Total cost of outfit: $6.03!
 Up close of sweater & scarf ;)
 This is an awesome summer outfit - i'm a little late on picking this one up. But I am re-selling all of this outfit (minus my brown belt)! This yellow top was given to me from a family friend - so it was free! It's also 100% silk - awesome! Omggg, how many more exclamation marks am I gonna use? Sorry :( Just excited about this blog for some reason I suppose :P lol. I got these shorts from Goodwill - as well as the hat. What a cool hat - vintage floral 1980s Miller beer hat. I tried to get my boyfriend to model this top for me for me to sell in my shop - but he refuses. Baha. 
Top: Free
Belt: $.75
Shorts: $1.00
Hat: $.75
Total cost of outfit: $2.20

Up close of top / hat.

The great thing about vintage shopping is that no one else finds these items interesting! So thrift shops and yard sales are filled with tons of awesome outfits. Some people find it difficult to vintage shop because some items really do look horrible on the hanger - but once you try it on & add the right accessories, you have one unique outfit that looks great. You just have to have the right eye out for different stuff. Plus, it doesn't matter if it isn't  your exact size. Most of my vintage clothing (tops and dresses) are wayyyy oversized. A bunch of my dresses are just plus size shirts that I add a waist belt onto  to make it a dress! The more oversized, the better. -- Well, at least I think. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Newest Thirtyonewest Photo Shoot + Products

This past Saturday I was suppose to have a 3 person photo shoot - but I ended up having only one person who could make it - which is my friend, Lindsay. Here's a few of the edited pictures I have so far:
 This dress is super cute! It's oversized & slouchy - not to mention reversible! Yep, this awesome dress has two different sides - woohoo!

 There are a few more I haven't uploaded - but this is mainly it! I really like taking pictures of things - photography is part of what I went to school for. I tend to get into the photography mood when I take pictures for my shop & I don't know if that's a good thing or not? Like, if you skim through a lot of other vintage sites - they just have either mannequins modeling their clothing or have boring models with a plain white background. Which I guess draws all the attention to the product - but I think a good setting also draws interest to the picture? Maybe that's just me. Dfsdfsdlofdslflfdsfl - I'm rambling again. Just me, talking like i'm a photographer of some sort :P baha. 

I'm suppose to do another shoot for a different girl on Tuesday. She wanted me to actually just shoot some pictures of her for her fashion portfolio because she said she liked my photography - so I told her I'd do it as long as she modeled for my shop :) Yay! Someone who likes my pictures! Woot!

It's rather late, I am just the only one up & felt like typing a blog about pictures at 2 a.m.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lime Crime Lipstick Review & Swatches + Thirtyonewest Eyeshadows!

I have had these for almost a month now - but I figure I'd do a review in my free time. I ordered these off of EBay because they're only $14.99 with free shipping - and on the website they are $16 + shipping. I also heard they take awhile to ship out since they are super busy - and I was kinda in a hurry to try these babies out ;)

Here are the the colors I got:

 Yeah, I'm Instagramin' everything on my iPhone, ha! Anyway, the great barbie pink color is the 'Great Pink Planet' & the light orange is called 'Cosmopop'.
 There are my swatches - as you can tell these are SUPER pigmented and eccentric colors.
 & here is me wearing them both! I really like these lipsticks. They're really great and pigmented! They last long as well. The only things I am not too crazy about is when they do start to wear off - it leaves the bright pigmentation on the outside of your lips :/ & these colors are matte -- so they show up fine lines & imperfections well. I like to add gloss on top of these.

Here are some images of my new Thirtyonewest brand loose eyeshadows
I'm also wearing my Lime Crime lipsticks here:
 Lime Crime Cosmopop & Thirtyonewest Goldilocks
 Lime Crime Great Pink Planet & Thirtyonewest Cleopatra
Lime Crime Great Pink Planet & Thirtyonewest Sugar Pot

I have added 4 new colors to our eyeshadow collection about 3 weeks ago  - which makes that 11 total colors. I have 4 new colors that I am wanting to create - but I don't have any extra money to order the supplies to make them. I've been bad and spending all my money! Today Joshua & I went to Target and I got him 2 new blu-rays - the new X-Men movie & Everything Must Go & then I got myself some Elf (eyeslipsface) products that they had on sale that I just had to get.

Anywayyyy - to wrap this blog entry up, I have come to the conclusion that I do love Lime Crime's lipsticks! I really want to get the Coquette nude color & the Centrifuchsia (sp?)! I also want to try the D'Lilac color with a bright pink lipgloss on top - I think it'd look different - but not too dramatic. However, I do not think I will be purchasing any yellow, blue, or mint colored lipsticks for myself :)

Be sure to check out all our eyeshadows at :

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yummy Drinks!

I finally got my blender today!!
I don't remember if I even stated that I was getting or even that I wanted a blender? Hm, oh well! I got one :) I got the stuff to make (well try and make) the Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Frappicinos & I got the stuff to make this really great punch that my mom use to make me when I was younger - it's a lemon lime flavor.

Here are my little chocolate smoothies:
 I made these using milk, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, ice & whip cream. They were actually pretty good - just needed to add a bit more chocolate syrup! Instead of getting chocolate milk already made to put in them - I mixed the milk & chocolate syrup so I could control how chocolatey I wanted it to be! 

I also got these super cute tea cups in a set at a yard sale today! I got these & a punch bowl tea cup set for $1 each set - which contained like 6 cups in one set! Whatta' steal !
 Here are my what I like to call 'Witches Brew' Punch! You use lemon lime kool-aid, sugar, pineapple juice, water, and ginger ale. It's like kool-aid with a kick to it - it's deeelisssh!

Here's my little tea cup sets I got! Cute or what?

Also, the reason why I have 'stfulaurenpack' on all my pictures is because I made a new tumblr (I know, another blog - Jesus Christ!) to upload ONLY pictures I created/edited or took myself. I thought it'd be a good idea since I'm kinda into photography (it's part of what I have been going to school for). Now I'm obsessed with taking pictures on my phone! Oh -- Joshua got me a phone for our 1 year! He got me an iPhone! :) I am in loooove with it & the Instagram App.

Well, that's it for now..adios fellas.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In tha Mood

to cook lately! I NEVER cook. Ever. After I graduated high school, I got to where I would make chocolates & fudge, but that was just a faze that lasted a few months. Now I want to bake new desserts & chocolates & try cooking actual meals - like good food - not just sweets.

All this inspiration started when I wanted a blender :P haha. I got a strawberry lemonade from O'Charley's last time I went & it was uhmmazing! So now I want to do smoothies, desserts, and start off with some appetizers :) Woot woot! We'll see how long this will last!