Saturday, December 31, 2011

What I got for Christmas!

Blah, I would have posted this earlier - if my computer charger didn't break! >:( I had to spend $80 on a new charger for my computer (isn't that crazy?!) ! Anyway, as I was saying..

I mostly just got beauty things for Christmas since I'm starting school next week -- I needed to get as much stuff for my kit as I could! So since I'm broke, I asked everyone else to get me these things :D 
 My boyfriend got me all of these things! :) I ordered them all off of!

 I got 4 OCC Lip Tars - Hush, Interlace, Memento, & Trick.
3 of these almost look the same -- but they are all different!
You just use a tiny bit of this on your lips & it covers them completely!
 I bought myself this Z Palette -- but Joshua got the eyeshadows! They are Ben Nye & they are $5.99 each! From left to right -- Cork, Smokey Taupe, Mink Stole, & Black Brown. I looove these! I think I like these better than the Mac matte eyeshadows! Plus they are wayyyy bigger - and cheaper ;)
 I got 2 of these Face Atelier Ultra Foundations - which are rather pricey! I got the 0+ & 0-. The lighter one you mix with foundation to make your foundations lighter if your foundation happens to be too dark. And the darker one is the same thing but to make your foundation darker. These are PERFECT for a kit so that way you don't have to have like 15 bottles of foundation for every color. All you need is really 2 foundations (I am going to get a Light, Medium & Dark though) & you'll be set! These are $32 each.
 I got a couple of Ben Nye blush refills. I just need a palette to place them in!
& I also ordered an empty Ben Nye palette & 8 Kryolan Supracolors! I ordered these to use as eyeshadows & cheek colors -- but I used them with Urban Decay Primer Potion & they creased really bad :( So no eyeshadow! I can still use the white for highlighting, the Fs21 shade for contouring (which looks great!), R19 & R21 as cheek shades.

 I bought myself some of Mac's Silver Dusk Powder & I looove it! It's very shimmery but it doesn't show up so glittery - just a nice glow. My mom got me the Mac Cream Colour Base in Shell which you can use on your eyes, lips, or face!
 I got my mom to get me a Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner from Sephora. I got this in the shade 'Skinny Jeans'. They didn't have the original 'Busy Signal' that I wanted. So I just got another color I was interested in & I love this! I want more!
My sister bought me this The Balm Overshadow in the shade ' If you buy, I'll fly ' -- I think? If that's not the name, then it's something very similar to that :) This is really pretty if I wear Mac's Gold Deposit Skinfinish on my eyes & this over that!
 My mom surprised me with this awesome vintage Snow White tin from the Flea Market! I loooove this! It's so cute.

  & I got a few gift cards from Josh's parents for Christmas - one of them happened to be for Target so I picked up a few things for my kit with it :) 

I got a few more things for Christmas -- but I just wanted to show all my beauty things since that's mainly what I got ( plus my vintage tin!). I hope you all got everything you wanted for Christmas!

It's also New Years Eve - - so I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! :D

Thursday, December 15, 2011

REVIEW: 15 Concealer Palette & DEMO

I've had this product for about a month now, and figured I'd do a little review / demo. I know that Coastal Scents & BH Cosmetics & other online shops sell items JUST like this -- but I got mine off EBay. They are the same product. I personally like EBay better just because of the price. I got this particular item for $4.96 with FREE shipping! On Coastal Scents - this product goes for $14.95 + shipping! Mine came from Hong Kong -- so it took I think exactly 2 weeks to arrive - which I don't mind - it's coming from half way across the world.

This has 15 total colors.
  • 3 Corrector colors - Green (for redness), Yellow (for dark circles/bruises), & Purple/Lilac for cancelling out yellowness? I think.
  • 1 Highlighter
  • and 11 shades of concealer!
Here's swatches of the correctors & highlighter:

     This is good because you can use this product throughout the year. You can change concealers from winter to summer without purchasing a new one! 
    If this doesn't have your exact shade -- don't worry -- you can mix them to make your own color!

     You can also use this for contouring & highlighting.

    You can ALSO use this palette to define your eyebrows! That's what I use the darkest color in the palette for. I don't fill in my eyebrows with this -- but I take an angled eyeliner brush and dip it in the darkest brown in the palette and go underneath my eyebrow and draw a line pushing upward into the end of my eyebrow to define my brow! I am oh so sorry if that doesn't make sense. I'm not sure if that makes sense - but if you are confused and would like to see how I do that - then just ask & i'll do a seperate blog post! :)

    My opinion of this product:
    Overall, I like this product. It works very well & covers up nicely. I use the dark brown color every day to define my brows. As concealer though, my under eyes are kind of dry cause it's winter - and this is a pretty thick product - so you can see where my dry skin is mixed with the product & it doesn't look too flattering. This may look better if you use moisturizer underneath -- i'm not too sure. But for covering up blemishes - I'd recommend this product. Plus, it's affordable!
    * I've heard you can mix these with Mac's Fix+ to thin them down a bit and can even use these as foundations! I personally wouldn't know because I've never used Fix+ -- but I will be trying it soon! :)

    I wanted to do a demonstration of this product just so you could see how well it covers blemishes!
    Here's the first picture:
      From left to right --
    I used Thirtyonewest's 'Sugar Pot' eyeshadow for the 'bruise'. It's a dark brown/plum purple color. Over this, I applied the yellow corrector to cancel out the purple. Then over that, I applied a skintone concealer. Then I blended it out well.
    It's completely gone! I didn't edit these pictures either - so, I mean - wow! Pretty awesome product for $5 if I do say so myself ;)

    Here's the 2nd demonstration:
     I used Mac's 'Soar' lip liner which is a pinky-red. I dotted it on so it looks like pimples :)
    Then I took the green corrector & dabbed it on over the 'pimples'. After that, I used a skintone concealer to pat over the green. Lastly, I blended it out evenly! 
    And once again, it covers up completely.
    Here's my arm after I covered my 'bruise' & 'pimples' :

    Pretty amazing, huh?! :D I do enjoy this -- and plan on purchasing another for my kit as well as the 10 concealer palette too! I have a few other EBay palettes as well as the gel liner. So once I use those for awhile, I may do a review on those. Maybe? :) 

    I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you have tried any EBay palettes as well & what you think about them!

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Christmas Beauty Wishlist!

    I'm bored, and couldn't really think of anything else to blog about - so making wishlists are fun! I decided to do a beauty one of things I would like for Christmas :)

    Urban Decay Naked Palette -
    Everyone and their mother already have this palette - I do not. :) I actually mainly want this for my kit to have if I do weddings in the future -- but I want to practice a few looks on myself as well! And yes, I know there is a Naked 2 now -- but I am NOT even going to remotely ask for that one. Haha, it probably won't even stay in stock for longer than a day. So maybe I'll ask for that next Christmas :P

    Mac Vanilla Pigment -
    I want this for my kit as well :P I have heard a lot about this pigment - and I think it'd not only look nice as an eyeshadow - but as a highlight for your browbone as well as your cheeks & cupid's bow!

    Dior Eyebrow Enhancer -
    I don't use eyebrow pencils to fill in my eyebrows -- but I want this to use to define my eyebrows. Which means I want to use it underneath the middle - end of my eyebrows (if that makes sense?). It will make your eyebrow more define and neat (if you will). Plus, the good thing about this - they only have one shade - and it's universal! Woohoo! Great item for a kit as well ;)

    Fairy Drops Mascara -
    I'm all about good mascara. As you know, I absolutely LOVE my Tarina Tarantino mascara. But I'm wanting to branch out a bit and try other mascaras. I have just recently tried the Lancome Doll Lashes - and it works good - but I like the Tarina kind better. Plus the Lancome one smells floraly & aggravates my eyeballs :P
    Anywayyy - getting off topic -- 
    I have heard this has fiber things in it that make your lashes appear longer & also has something it in to make them curl -- sorry I don't know actual terms of things I am speaking of. I guess I could research a bit more about products before randomly typing like I know things about them :P Haha.

    Mac Iridescent Powder in Silver Dusk -
    I have been wanting this powder for awhile now. It's like a loose powder that has shimmers of silver in it - and I think it'd look nice on my pale skin :)

    Benefit Cream Shadow in Busy Signal -
    I recently watched 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' & I really liked Emma Stone's eyeshadow in a part of that movie. It was just a dark brown color -- and cream eyeshadows/paint pots are the easiest to use for getting ready in a jiffy. You can just use your finger & swipe them on & it looks nice. I really like this color!

    Clinique Moisturizing Gel -
    I want this so I can use it as a moisturizer & primer all in one. I use to NEVER ever use moisturizers - but I do have dry spots on my face in the wintertime -- between my eyebrows, some spots on my cheeks, & forehead. So I use the Olay UV moisturizer for Normal skin at the moment in just those spots. I hate lotion-y feeling things. I don't like lotion at all  -- much less on my face. So I just get those dry spots & that's it! But since this is a gel, I figured I could use this in those spots & feel more comfortable with it than a lotion-y feel. Plus, since it is gel -- it will act as a primer & hold my powder, bronzer, or whatever I may be wearing that day.

    Urban Decay's Liquid Liners in Minx & Glitter Liquid Liner in Stage Dive -
    I recently watched a Pixiwoo video just about her talking about being a makeup artist & what not. And she had these two liners on her eyelid as a winged liner. It looked amazing! So I must try these for myself. I loved the way they looked.

    Mac Creme Color Base in Shell -
    I want this product to use as a blush & probably an eyeshadow :)

    Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow -
    I want this to use as a contour! It's like a gray-tone brown -- which I loooove! I feel like warm browns on my skin as a contour do not look as flattering. Maybe in the summertime when I am a bit darker. But for now, no sir. Yuck. So I'd like to have this :) It'd also be a nice eyeshadow or blush as well.

    I also want a few Mac shadows for myself/kit.
    Ricepaper, Satin Taupe, Twinks, Print, Cranberry, Embarked, Dazzelight, & Beauty Marked.
    I just didn't feel like looking for all those shadows & placing them in a collage because I am lazy.

    That's really all the beauty things I'd like - which price wise -- is kind of a lot! Expensive makeuppppp! I like to test out different things as well to know if it's good enough to carry in my kit.

    I've been talking a lot about my kit in this entry & I don't even think that I mentioned I was starting my own makeup artist kit? Baha, I'm silly. But I'm going to need it for school because I'll have to do different looks on all different types of people & after school - I want to get a job with a steady income such as Mac, Sephora, Bobbi Brown, etc. I don't think I am going to be picky at which place I'd like to work at. But on the side I want to do freelance for extra $$$$. Weddings, proms, photo shoots, birthday parties, whatever. So that's what I need my kit stuff for :) I already bought both of my actual cases - one is a train case I got off EBay for the actual makeup & the other is like a scrapbooking tote with tons of compartments I am going to use as a 'prep' bag. 
    I am done talking about my kit. It has nothing to do with this entry :P I'll do a seperate post once I get more added to it so I can show what I like or what I personally think works best, etc. Just fun interesting things.

    Hope you all enjoyed!

    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    November Favorites 2011 !

    I wanted to do a favorites for the month of November! I've had quite a lot, but I don't want to do a super long blog like I did last time, so I'm just going to be showing a few favorites ;)

     Yay for favorites! I also have a ton of new photo editing apps on my phone now where I can add cool looking bubbles on my pictures :) Makes me happy!

    First up Benefit products!
    As you know (if you read my blog that is) - I purchased a Benefit sampler kit a few weekends ago. So far, these are my favorites out of the kit! 

    Stay Don't Stray -
    is a concealer / eyeshadow primer base. This is a flesh tone color - which happens to go and blend great with my skin tone. I personally use this as a concealer primer and not an eyeshadow primer. I already have the Urban Decay primer so I don't need two of those :P But this works great for me as a concealer primer. It may not work great for others however due to the skin tone color. So I'd sample this before going out and buying a big bottle of it!

    Posietint & Bella Bamba -
    This is a cheek and lip stain. As a lip stain, not so much - it doesn't work nicely. But I do like this as a cheek stain! It gives you just that natural flush. It's a very nice natural flush - but I like my blush to be kind of noticeable. Not tacky -- I just like my blush to show up a bit more -- so I add Bella Bamba blush on top of the Posietint & it looks great! I love these two mixed together. And Bella Bamba smells soooo good! I'm not sure why they make their blush scented? But it smells like green apples :D 
    The Dandelion one that came with the kit smells floral-y. 

    Next up, a few Elf products.
     Elf Studio Blush in Berry Merry -
    I have about 5 of these Elf studio blushes, and to be honest, I actually like all of them. But for the wintertime, I like this darker berry color the best :) I've heard a bunch of people say they didn't like these blushes because they're not pigmented enough, blahblahblah. But they're $3?! They are comparing them to Nars blushes which are $25-27. So I mean, of course they won't be as good as that - but I really like these and for $3 -- they won't break you$$  :) 

    [ You can probably get yours on sale like I did mine -- I google coupon codes before I check out at Elf because they always have some good ones floating around - I got 50% off the studio line ;) ]

    Elf Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Coffee & Cream -
    This is from their $1 line. However, as an eyeshadow - this creases really bad and I wouldn't recommend using it as such! This does look really pretty if you use the two together as an eyeshadow - but it creases horribly. However, the 'cream' color is the prettiest sheer glittery white I've ever seen! I use this as a highlight. This makes the PERFECT highlighter for me on the tops of my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and cupid's bow. It does have some glitter in it, and for a highlighter -- you're supppose to use like a matte highlight or luminizer more so than glitter to make it appear 'natural' - but I love glitter! & this is super super pretty. I've gotten a lot of compliments wearing this handy dandy stuff. Plus, it's only $1. 
    You can also use the 'coffee' as a contour - it works. But I don't like my contour this dark, so I don't really use the brown myself.

    Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Primrose -
    I have a blog post on this already it's one of my favorite fall lipsticks :)

    But this is a really pretty natural like rosey pink. It's not a crazy baby pink -- it's more of a dark rose, for fall/winter. Haha, i'm not even sure if that makes sense. It does in my head when I'm typing it - but to others, I'm unsure :P lol It's a really pretty and good lipstick! I really like Revlon lipsticks. I have added quite a few of these to my collection! :)

    Now for hair/face stuff

    Nexxus Ultimate Moisture Shampoo -
    This was just a sample size I purchased at Wal-mart. The actual bigger bottle was $10 - and before I spent that much on shampoo, I wanted to test it out. This is the best shampoo I've ever used! It makes my hair feel super super soft! I really like this & definitely plan on purchasing the bigger bottle once I get paid!

    Organix Brazilian Keratin therapy Flat Iron Spray-
    I don't really do much with my hair anymore since I work all the freaking time at the moment. But when I do straighten it -- I use this. This works really nicely. I spray it on in sections right before I straighten my hair - during straightening my hair - and just a little bit after I finish. This also helps my hair feel nice and soft. I personally don't like the smell of this stuff. It's all coconuty and what not :P If you like coconut smelling things - you'll love this!

    Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub -
    Once again, if you read my blog, you know I don't wash my face - because I'm gross :) Haha, no I just feel like my face breaks out when I do wash my face because you're opening all your pores up and they get clogged up even easier than before. I'm not sure if that's true - that's just how I feel :P haha. But I got this while checking out on Black Friday at Target (yes, the line was backed up all the way to the freaking cosmetics). I really like this stuff. When you open it - it's not liquid - it's just a scrub - you get a little pinch out and mix it with water - then wash your face with it. It leaves my face feeling nice, clean, and fresh! It's tough (it's a scrub, so of course it will be!) - but not too tough - it's gentle enough for everyday use. My face has yet to break out when I wash it using this. So I love it!

    That's all for my November favorites! I plan on getting tons of new stuff this month - so hopefully I'll have a lot of different favorites for December! I also plan to start makeup school by the end of this month / beginning of January. I'm really excited about it! My dad is paying for the first month for my Christmas - and then I have to pay the remaining 4 months - and i'll be super broke :( But, it's what I like doing and would love to do makeovers people to make them feel more confident & to teach them new things, etc, etc. :) Soooo excited!

    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    Depressing Entry.

    A few days ago, this lady came through the drive thru at my work and told us her husband died. We've known them from coming through all the time - he was really funny & sweet and loved to play jokes. But she told us about how he died & when (and it was on Thanksgiving!), etc, etc. She said they were married for 50 years.

    I don't really know why, but this broke my heart. I didn't know them well - but what if you lost someone you spent 50 years of your life with? Being with that person every day since then? I mean, what the fuck would you do?

    I've never lost anyone that close to me (my grandparents, but I was too young) - and I'm not sure how I'd handle it. I don't think I could function properly without my parents, sister, friends, or the love of my life Joshua! It just saddens me to think about :( Then I was depressed the rest of the day thinking about what would I do if I did lose Josh? Ughhghghhghghgh, too sad -- and depressing -- I don't want to think about it!

    I don't know why I decided to blog about this - just did. Maybe because everyone should appreciate everything that everyone in their life does for them, and be thankful that they are there by you everyday. Never take it for granted.

    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    Thanksgiving vintage OOTD

    Well, somewhat 'vintage'. This oversized XL sweater is a vintage sweater vest I purchased from Goodwill last week! It was like less than $1. I thought it'd be cute for Thanksgiving since it's a pretty punkin' orange :)

    I got the plain creamy color long sleeve undershirt at Wal-Mart for $6.88 - jeggings from Target for $4.98 - Shoes are from H&M but I got them for $1 at a yard sale - & my bracelet is from Target for $4.74!

    Yep, my outfit is pretty cheap -- as of most of mine are! My whole closet is basically filled with vintage & modern yard sale or thrift store finds. I don't like to spend money on clothing when I can get great pieces for less.

    Then I decided to take pictures of myself because I had nothing better to do :

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving :D

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    Zeldaaaaa! Skyward Sword is GREAT!

    All I've been doing all day since I've got off work is playing Zelda. I can't stop! :( Even though I said I'd do a blog possibly today on vintage outfits of mine -- sorry, I have yet to take any pictures because I've been engrossed in ZELDA!  :D But that blog entry will come one day soon (maybe? :P). 
    This game is great. The graphics are really nice as well (like Twilight Princess for Wii!). Currently, I am only 4.17 hours in - and my boyfriend told me today that there are 100 hours! Whattt?! Haha. This game will be endless for me. Especially since I get very frustrated with things easy. I have already gotten frustrated with one part of this game at the beginning! Ha. I got annoyed with the 'Wing Ceremony' thing - I couldn't get the fucking statuette thing - I finally got it on my third try.

    Anyway, I'm just blabbing on about a game that you probably don't care about. So, for that - I shall go! 
    If you like the previous Zeldas (Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Majora's Mask) - you would most likely like this one as well! So I definitely recommend it! Plus, the game comes with an awesome gold Zelda remote with the Triforce on it :D

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    My Lame Weekend

    I'm completely bored & I need to write a new blog but I don't know exactly what to blog about? So I'll blog about my weekend! Saturday I went shopping - & I went to the Goodwill Clearance Center & the mall. I'm really bad about getting tons of things not for myself at Goodwill. So this time when I went, I decided to get everything for myself. I ended up getting a ton of different vintage pieces to add to my closet - and I only spent $15! Tons of cute granny sweaters & cardigans - my favs! :D At the mall, I ran to Sephora & Mac. I got a Benefit sampler thingy from Sephora & a lipstick and matching lip liner from Mac.
    All my mall goodies :)
    I picked out the color 'Chatterbox' for my lipstick & the Mac lady picked out 'Soar' lip liner to match it - since I'm horrible at lip liners & such. I just now started getting into testing out and messing around with lip liners - so I don't really know much about what color goes with what, etc, etc. 

    Today, my boyfriend brought me a surprise ! 
    ZELDAAAAA! I totally forgot that the new Zelda came out today! And he surprised me with it! :D :D Big smilez! I would be playing it right now instead of blogging about my lame weekend, but - it's late - and I've been working a lot more than I normally am - and I'm soooo tired :( I'd get to into it & would never want to quit! But tomorrow is my day off & I'll just play it all day :)
    I want to take photos of all my Goodwill stuff I got this weekend & take pictures of me 'modeling' them & how I wear and mix vintage clothing with modern clothing. So maybe that will be my next blog entry? Something at least a bit more interesting than this one!Who knows.

    Goodnight lovies!

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    REVIEW: Elf Body Shimmer Sticks

    I've had 2 of these for about 3 weeks, and the other 2 I just got in the mail today. I didn't want to purchase all of them at once because that would have sucked if I didn't like them & wasted money. But, I do love these! So I ended up purchasing them all :)

    I use these as highlighters. I just got the Blazing Bronze one (last one pictured) in the mail today - and it's a bit too dark for me, so I will use that one as a contouring shade maybe. I really like the other 3 though. My personal favorite is the Golden Glow one (3rd one pictured). It has actual pieces of glitter every here & there - and I think it looks really nice. The others are mostly just shimmer - no glitter chunks yet!

    These are nicely pigmented & go on good! You can just rub these on your face and then blend them with your fingers -- but I dip my finger in the product then glide it across my face so I don't get too much. You kind of wanna have a light hand when using these - or I do at least since I'm kinda pale. 

    These are really great & I use the Golden Glow one just about every day! I just got the Cosmic Coral one in the mail today - so I will probably end up using that one just as much!

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Galaxy Nails!

    I got bored yesterday & was searching for nail tutorials to do because I suck at nails & need a little guidance. I found this video telling you step by step how to do it:
    I had most of the colors already to do this -- except the dark blue & white. So I replaced dark blue with a dark plum & a white with a glossy light grey.

    I'm not quite sure if mine look like a galaxy or not? I have super short nails from constantly biting them.

    I used:
    China Glaze - Haunting (sparkly black) & the yellow one I don't know the name of it :(
    OPI - Skull & Gloss Bones? (I think, it's part of the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)
    Wet N Wild - Night Prowl (Plum), Blazin' (Coral), Kaleidoscope (Glitter)

    I just noticed the background in my nail polish picture matches all the nail polishes! It's my 'The Stand' by Stephen King graphic novel :)

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Favorite Fall Lipsticks

    My favorite fall lipsticks:
    Lime Crime Coquette - $16
    Revlon Super Lustrous - Primrose - $5-6
    Covergirl - Sultry - $6
    Nyx - Doll - $4-5
    Nyx - Hebe - $4-5
    Covergirl Queen Collection - Royal Plum - $6

    Only one of these (Lime Crime) is a high end brand. But I love these!
    The one that I wear the least is the Nyx Hebe just because it's red - and I don't really wear red. However, when I do - I wear this one! It's more of a wearable red more-so than a very bright and crazy looking red. I think it's wearable because it has like little shimmers of gold mixed with it so it tones down the crazy color a bit.

    Also, if you like the color of the Lime Crime one - but don't want to spend $16 - I found a dupe of it & reviewed it here:
    I just got the Primrose & the Royal Plum ones over the weekend. I normally don't really wear dark colored lipsticks - but I loooove this Royal Plum one. I'm also not sure why it's called Royal Plum? It's more like a dark crimson color with blue undertones to me. But I like it. I got a lip liner to wear with this one & it's Rimmel London's Exaggerate Lip Liner in Epic. These two go good together.
    The Primrose lipstick is more of a sheer darker baby pink - if that makes sense? Haha. It's not like a really bright baby pink like colors you'd wear in the summertime.
    The Doll lipstick is a really nice dark pink shade. It has blue undertones & looks nice :D

    And for messy lipstick appliers like myself, I recommend using this Elf Lip Lock Pencil. It's clear - and you put it on the outside edges of your lips so when you do put your lipstick on & press your lips together - the color doesn't get all over the outsides of your lips! Plus, it's only $3 -- and they always have sales going on at -- so you may could get it for $1.50 like I did mine :)

    I really want to try out some high end lipsticks, but don't want to spend the money on them :( I don't mind spending my money on them if I really like them & would wear them mostly every day but I'm afraid I won't like them after I purchase them & that's like $15 wasted. Blahhh. So if you have any recommendations please let me know! :D

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Instagramin' Erryythang! Blahblahblah

    As most of you may know, I Instagram just about every single picture here on my blog -- as well as my Tumblr. I've been obsessed with using my iPhone, I don't even use my Canon Rebel anymore! :P Haha. Basically I just wanted to write a blog entry & I had nothing else to discuss about - so I figured I'd share a few pictures I took today :)

    I took a bunch of what I like to call ' I love me pictures ' today with my lovellyyyyy pink wig :) Some guy messaged me today on Facebook & told me he was a photographer & would love to shoot me sometime (he lives in the same area) - & I had my pink wig on in my default picture - so it made me feel good about myself & I decided to take more pink hair pictures! Bahaha. I didn't respond though. I've considered modeling before, but I am just awkward & would feel weird. I feel like I would try and be sexy in my pictures & then I'd laugh at myself because I'm not sexy at all - and it would just be a disaster. So no modeling for me anytime soon! 

    I also had to work today, so I went in a little early to eat. And of course, I had to use Instagram on my food because I am a loser & such.
    OM NOM NOM! Gyro meat is delicious. If you've never tried it, you should. It's like a mixture of beef & lamb if i'm not mistaken? I've also been eating salads lately? Very odd for me. I hate salads. But lately, I've been craving it. Pregnant?! Lol, just kidding. I just eat a ton of junk food & when I eat healthy things it makes me feel better - so lately i've just been craving healthy things such as salad - and normally I eat fries with my gyro meat, but I've been replacing them with either potato salad or slaw. Yay for healthy eating Lauren! :D

    Then, once I got home from work, my mother's friend was over & had some Pomegranates :) I love pomegranate flavored things (as well as scented things!) - so I had some to eat. And of course, a chance to Instagram something!
    So this is what I do in my free time, and even when i'm busy. Any chance I get when I see something cool, I Instagram it - because I am lame.

    I miss my wonderful boyfriend! I wish he'd stop working oh so much during this time of year! Then maybe I'd be able to Instagram cute pictures of him too :( It just sucks because we're both starting to work a lot as of right now & when I'm off - he's not - etc, etc. Oh well! We're hopefully getting a house soon so we can cuddle every night again :) Makes me a happy lady.

    But that's all for today. Nothing interesting. Just sharing my love of Photography/Instagram :D

    P.S. Oh yeahhh, and I totally added ' The Great Fairy Fountain ' remix to my music playlist on my sidebar for this blog. So enjoy jamming to some sweet Zelda tunes while reading my boring blog :)