Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dry crusty face? Not anymore!

I have combination skin.. Mostly normal.. But an extremely oily nose & dry forehead (between my eyebrows). Even though my nose is super oily, it's also really dry at the same time. Weird, I know. But it peels really bad. I have been looking for a good moisturizer to use in the winter/summer.. And I randomly decided to pick up the Olay Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream. That's a mouthful. 

I think I paid about $13 for this at Target. This stuff is AMAZING! It hydrates the hell out of my face & leaves it smelling like I sprayed some high end perfume on my face. It smells really good. If you are sensitive to smell, I wouldn't recommend this. This product helped get rid of my dry patches super fast. As for wrinkles, im only 25 and don't have any wrinkles currently. So I guess I'll be able to let you know about that in 10 years :P lol 

But for people with dry skin or dry patches in their skin, I'd highly recommend this product. 

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