Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hausfrau Book Review

So a few months ago, I was at Barnes & Noble with my boyfriend and was browsing the new fiction section & stumbled upon the absolutely GORGEOUS book cover of Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum. So I literally picked it because the cover is amazing :P Shallow, I know. But I read the synopsis and it actually sounded like a book I would enjoy. I didn't have the $26.00 to purchase it then, so I ordered the advance copy of it off Ebay for only $6.00 because I'm a cheap ass and my local library didn't have it.

My copy isn't as pretty.. but ya know. 

This book is about a woman named Anna. She is a good wife, mostly. She is an American living in Zurich with her husband and three children. You think she'd be happy, but she isn't. Her life feels unfulfilled and she fills it with having affairs with other men. Not just one man, but three :P This is a depressing novel but yet it's very good. I feel like if you're the type of person who wants lots of action packed stuff going on in a book -- this wouldn't be for you. Not a lot of people would probably want to read a book about a housewife feeling shitty about herself for doing shitty things.. but it was very well written. You actually felt the way Anna was feeling. Very good pick up.  

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