Sunday, November 11, 2012

Elf Essential Blush Swatches/Review in Glow & Coy

I've had these blushes since maybe -- June? I've been meaning to do a review/swatch post of them and just keep forgetting about it :(

Anyway - these are the new Elf Essential Blushes for $2 - not $1. They use to have these in a different compact (a shitty compact) for $1 and it didn't include a brush. They still have the same colors - I'm not too sure if they have updated the formula at all or not. I picked up the colors Coy & Glow.

I personally like these blushes. Sure, they are a bit 'chalky' but it's a blush for $2 -- what do you expect? They are actually really pigmented. Glow is such a pretty shimmery peach color and Oh my gawdddd - Coy is an AMAZING color! It's like a shimmery nude-taupe color? I can't really even describe what color it is - pictures cannot even do this color justice. It's a lovely and unique color. I'm not sure about the lasting power because the times I've worn these I haven't paid attention to see if they lasted all day or not. So I can't really say about that - but for $2 - I would say give these a shot! 

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